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Flexible delivery of your wines

We offer the possibility of easy and safe sightseeing and eventual ordering of wine from a comfortable armchair. We provide a lot of information about all products, with which you can orient yourself and make your choice. Our entire range of over 2,500 wines and delicacies can be ordered by the bottle, so the tasting is free. When ordering, you can choose whether or not you want your order delivered, but you can also pick up your order from us andautomatically up to 10% discount! We are located next to the motorway (A16 from Rotterdam to Breda) and you can park in front of the door. We prepare your order in a cart with which you can put the wines in your car, and of course you can also look around our Wine Warehouse where you will find all the products on the website, and you can always taste the wine with our wine by the glass.

You can easily and quickly order wines at Grandcruwijnen. We deliver your order where and when you want. At home, at work or near the pick-up point, six days a week. Would you prefer to pick up your package at our wine warehouse in Dordrecht? It is also possible every working day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and you even automatically get a discount of up to 10% on orders with personal pickup. Details of our address and opening hours can be found hereHERE. (shopping evenings, Saturdays and tastings are probably mentioned here).

At Grandcruwijnen you can order wines through our websiteseven days a week, 24 hours a day. But then you don't have your wines at home yet. It is possible that you are not at home or missing a supplier and still have to wait a few days for your order. You don't have to worry about that in Grand Cru wines. We deliver your order where and when you want. You will be informed in advance in which part of the day the supplier will visit you, and you can also change the day of delivery. You can also order wine delivery to one of thousands of collection points. That way, you don't have to wait at home, and the ideal option is wine delivery between 17:00 and 22:00.

We offer the flexibility of two delivery services (PostNL and DPD), and on the payment page we list possible costs for different delivery services, as well as the latest possible order time, which varies depending on the delivery service.

Delivery day- When choosingDPD, orders are delivered the same day on weekdays until 15:30 and untilPostNLuntil 4:00 p.m. In principle, delivery is (except for traffic or other unforeseen circumstances) the next day (including Saturday). This applies to the Netherlands and Belgium.

New rules for ordering and delivering alcohol

As of July 1, 2021, stricter regulations are in force (amendment of the law on gastronomy and alcohol). This applies to long-distance deliveries to private individuals in the Netherlands. In the case of alcohol delivery, this means, among other things, that both the ordering party and the recipient must be over 18 years of age. This will be checked by the courier company when the package is delivered. If you order from us, you are responsible for ensuring that the recipient can be identified and is over 18 years of age. If this does not happen, the package will be returned to us, and the costs of return and resending fall entirely on you. Therefore, it is important to take this into account when sending a gift.In addition to the obligation of identification when ordering and picking up, it is also possible that leaving wine or other alcoholic products at the front door or in the place you specify is no longer possible.. In all cases, deliveries can only be made with the presentation of a valid proof of identity of the recipient, from which it is evident that he is over 18 years old.

Order wine delivery in the Netherlands

You can use different sites to deliver your order and you can indicate this yourself on the checkout page. You have great flexibility with many options:

Regular delivery PostNL

PostNL delivers your order to your home address. You can also choose to have the package delivered to a different address (for example, your work address). If you are not at home, PostNL will deliver your package to the PostNL collection point that you can see in Track & Trace. The package is kept for one week at the PostNL point. It is then returned to sender. Deliveries are made during the day from Monday to Saturday, so six days a week. It should be noted that with the new regulations from July 2021 there will be a requirement for an 18+ ID card in order not to purchase alcoholic beverages for children/youths. It will no longer be possible to leave a package at the front door. In all cases, packages must be received by a person who identifies himself and is at least 18 years old. Orders received on Wednesday by 4 pm will be shipped the same day.

Regular delivery by DPD courier

You will receive an email from DPD with a tracking code and order status. The first email will be sent as soon as the package arrives at the warehouse, indicating the expected day/time of delivery. If you wish, you can communicate your changes via this link in this email. It can be a change of delivery day, delivery address, transfer of the package to the package machine. On the morning of the delivery day, you will receive another message about the delivery time. DPD will inform you about the delivery time of the package. With live email tracking, you can see how many more stops the driver has to make before reaching your address. You can submit changes up to half an hour before the expected delivery date via the link in the email.

In your absence, the package will go to the nearest DPD delivery point. You will receive a confirmation of this via e-mail. Packages remain in the parcel locker for seven days before being returned to the sender.

Delivery takes place from Monday to Saturday, so six days a week, and orders received by 4pm are delivered the same day, unless otherwise stated. It should be noted that the new regulations from July 2021 require identification of persons over the age of 18. Orders placed on Wednesday before 3:30pm will (in most cases) be dispatched the same day.

Regular delivery by specialized wine transport via Verhoeven

For larger quantities and/or more expensive wines, we can also send them by specialized wine transport. In this case, we can deliver the wines, if still available, in their original packaging (including box or OWC), which will also be sent insured. We can only offer this service for the Netherlands and Belgium. They always collect packages from usWednesdaythen delivery will be madeThursday or Friday(depending on the postal code). You can choose this delivery option at checkout, and for larger quantities (12 or more bottles) and a value of at least €200.00 (€350.00 for Belgium) we offer this special wine transport for free and we recommend that you use it and make it from.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee that the wines are still in their original packaging and you can imagine that if you order 1 fine wine, we cannot send it in its original packaging if it comes in a box of 6. However, if the box has arrived and these remaining bottles have been ordered, we will ship them in that box or box. If the box or case is no longer available, we will find a nice alternative box or case to ship the wine(s). We always have a lot of empty boxes and as a service we add a convenient alternative if the original box is no longer available.

Delivery outside the Netherlands (all EU countries)

For delivery abroad (all countries of the European Union) we use the services of DPD. You will receive an email from DPD with a tracking code and order status. The first email will be sent as soon as the package arrives at the warehouse (on the evening of the order), indicating the expected delivery day. If you want, you can submit your changes via the link in this email. This can be changing the delivery day, delivery address, transferring the package to the parcel machine or giving permission to send the package. By using the last option, you give the driver permission to drop off the package without a signature.

On the morning of the delivery day, you will receive another message about the delivery time. DPD will inform you about the delivery time of the package. With live email tracking, you can see how many more stops the driver has to make before reaching your address. You can submit changes up to half an hour before the expected delivery date via the link in the email.

In your absence, the package will go to the nearest DPD delivery point. You will receive a confirmation of this via e-mail. Packages remain in the parcel locker for seven days before being returned to the sender.

Damage insurance

All shipments are secured with Grand Cru wines. If you receive a damaged shipment, please contact our customer service[email protected]within 24 hours. We will do everything to ensure that the wine is delivered according to your wishes.

Other delivery address

You can enter a different shipping address on the checkout page. By default, the billing address is the same as the shipping address. If you uncheck this box, you can choose an alternative address (in the EU) for the delivery of your wines or one of the thousands of PostNL collection points. Invoicing and e-mail traffic always goes through the billing address and the associated e-mail address. The delivery note (without prices) is only added to the shipment, so we do not attach an invoice to the shipment. If you want to send a message, you can enter it in the "Gift message" field. We print it on a card and add it to the wines.

Pickup location in the Netherlands and Belgium

No more sitting at home and waiting for your wine! For our Belgian customers, you can simply deliver your order to a PostNL or DPD collection point. You no longer have to wait for the supplier and you can pick up the package at a time that suits you. It can be a collection point in the area, but just as easily, for example, a collection point near work. If you select a pickup location during checkout, you'll see a list of possible pickup locations. You choose the desired location, and we ensure delivery of the package to that location within 24 hours. You can pick up your package for seven days at a time that suits you. You will receive a message from us via the Track & Trace service as soon as the package arrives at the collection point.

Alcohol is served only to adults

At Grandcruwijnen, we stand for responsible enjoyment. We want adults to enjoy moments with a good drink, but we think it's very important that they use it responsibly. Our beautiful wines are mostly there to be enjoyed. Better to drink less, but with good wine, is our motto.

Grandcruwijnen does not sell alcoholic beverages to youth under the age of 18. Not only because it is prohibited by law, but also because young people are not allowed to drink alcohol at all. When buying alcohol, our employees ask for proof of identity from all persons under the age of 25. Does the store think you're under 25, but you've been older for a long time? Consider it a compliment!

As of July 1, 2021, there will (thankfully) be regulations that make online sales of alcohol subject to the same rules as physical sales. Just like Grand Cru wines, so are wesustainable development, we took our social responsibility much earlier and deliver more than 90% with age control (not all courier companies have managed to agree on this yet). We carry out an age check on all shipments containing alcohol. However, if multiple shipments are delivered to one address, identity verification will be performed only once. Suppliers ask customers for proof of identity so that the supplier can confirm that the customer is over 18 years of age. Due to the current corona measures, it is not necessary to hand over the ID card, the customer can keep it and show it to the supplier remotely or place it in front of the supplier. Of course, if the package is handed over to neighbors, this will only happen if the recipient is of minimum age. If identification is not possible and/or the recipient is under the age of 18, the shipment will be returned and resent at the customer's request at the appropriate cost. An important consequence is that it is no longer possible to agree to leave a package at the door or simply give it to neighbors, because it becomes so easy to accidentally deliver alcohol to minors/children.

Standard delivery time

If we received your order and payment on a working day by 5:00 p.m., and the item is in stock, we ship it the same day. In 99.9% of cases, DPD & PostNL deliver the package the next day (Monday-Saturday). Please note that this is not a guarantee of delivery. We are also dependent on third parties such as PostNL, DPD. In addition to the high traffic, we now have a delivery reliability of more than 98% in the Netherlands and Belgium. We list the costs of various delivery services on the billing page. We also indicate the latest possible order time (it differs depending on the delivery service DPD and PostNL).

Delivery day- When choosingDPD, orders are delivered the same day on weekdays until 3:30 p.m., and PostNL until 4:00 p.m. Delivery is generally (barring rush hour or other unforeseen circumstances) next day (including Saturday). This only applies to the Netherlands and Belgium. With Track and Trace you can personalize all kinds of information.

Shipment tracking - delivery status notification service

Thanks to notifications from our delivery service, you are always immediately and well informed about the status of your order. As soon as we ship your package, you will receive an email with a link to the delivery date. The email also contains a barcode that you can use to request more information about the shipment of your package.

Shipping costs

We cooperate with various package suppliers such as DPD and PostNL. In the Netherlands, orders above €75 are delivered free of charge, and below €75 you pay €6.95 for delivery costs for PostNL and DPD. In Belgium we deliver free of charge above €125, below that you pay €8.95 on top of delivery costs. These terms apply only to consumer orders. Special conditions apply to Retail and Hospitality.

Ship your wines outside the Netherlands

Grandcruwijnen supplies wines to customers all over Europe. The following country-specific rates apply for international shipping. It is part of the shipping and insurance costs of the shipment. We also deliver to pick-up locations in Belgium and the Netherlands, so you don't have to wait at home for a delivery person.

Quantity of bottles1–1213–2425-36 (display, other).37-48 (view, professional).
Austria (AT)13,00 €26,00 €39,00 €52,00 €
Belgium (BE)*€8.95 (for orders below €125)
Bulgaria (BG)36,80 €73,60 €110,40 €147,20 €
Croatian (HRV)36,80 €73,60 €110,40 €147,20 €
Czech Republic (CZ)30,00 €60,00 €90,00 €120,00 €
Danish (DK)13,00 €26,00 €39,00 €52,00 €
Finland (FI)25,00 €50,00 €75,00 €100,00 €
France (FR)13,00 €26,00 €39,00 €52,00 €
German (DE)10,00 €20,00 €30,00 €40,00 €
Greece (GR)33,00 €66,00 €99,00 €132,00 €
Hungary (HU)31,00 €62,00 €93,00 €124,00 €
Italy (IT)22,00 €44,00 €66,00 €88,00 €
Latvia (LV)31,00 €62,00 €93,00 €124,00 €
Luxembourg (LU)11,00 €22,00 €33,00 €44,00 €
Monaco (MC)16,00 €32,00 €48,00 €64,00 €
Poland (PL)31,00 €62,00 €93,00 €124,00 €
Portugal (PT)34,00 €68,00 €102,00 €136,00 €
Romania (RO)32,00 €64,00 €96,00 €128,00 €
Slovakia (SK)31,00 €62,00 €93,00 €124,00 €
Slovenia (SI)31,00 €62,00 €93,00 €124,00 €
Spain (ES)22,00 €44,00 €66,00 €88,00 €
Sweden (SE)21,00 €42,00 €63,00 €84,00 €

Shipping costs for shipping to countries outside the EU

For information on this, click hereHere.

For questions, please email our customer service:[email protected]or call us on weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at +31 (0)78 6450615


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