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Integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Xcode and VS Code are used for software development and development. Comparing Xcode with Visual Studio Code, we found that both follow the same goal, they differ in several ways.

  • Xcodecreated by Apple specifically for its ecosystembecause it is focused on developing applications compatible with macOS and iOS. Xcode does not facilitate the creation of Windows-oriented programs and is adapted to the Apple environment. Therefore, developers often wonder if developing software for Windows is feasible.
  • VSCode (kod Visual Studio)is a free open source IDE created by Microsoftwhich can be used to create any kind of software or program. There are no limitations except that Xcode perfectly satisfies the Apple environment, while VS Code does not have specialized tools for Apple systems.

The importance of choosing the right IDE

Many features and functionality of many IDEs are the same. However, they vary depending on the situation. The IDE you choose will affect your overall coding experience, productivity, and performance.

The right IDE will provide a user-friendly experience by leveraging community support and building your skills. It will also simplify the problem detection process, improving code quality. The right IDE also promotes collaboration between your development team.

Although Xcode and VS Code are two of the best IDEs ever developed, there are minor differences in who uses them and why.

What is Xcode?

Xcodeis an integrated development environment (IDE) that is comprehensively created to create software that supports all platforms developed by Apple.

  • Xcode provides a seamless development environment for anyone targeting Apple platforms.
  • Some of the prominent features of Xcode include an interface builder that supports drag and drop for designing UI elements, an asset folder that helps you organize your media files by providing a central location to access assets from there, and some functions.
  • Some popular tools that integrate with XCode include CocoaPods, a third-party service integrator, Carthage, a dependency manager for iOS and macOS, and more.
  • Some popular companies that use XCode for their projects include Apple, Google, Facebook, and Airbnb.

Let's now discuss some pros and cons of using Xcode.

Advantages of XCode

  1. Xcode offers a complete set of iOS/macOS development tools, including a code editor, interface builder, testbed, debugging tools, and more.
  2. It offers comprehensive features for Apple platforms and offers seamless native application development and smooth operation.
  3. Apple's most used programming language is Swift. Xcode offers extensive support for Swift, including auto-completion, syntax highlighting, and more.
  4. Offers advanced debugging and profiling capabilities, including breakpoints, heap tracing, and performance analysis tools

Wady XCode

  1. Xcode is limited to app development exclusively for Apple platforms such as iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.
  2. It takes up a lot of space when compiling projects. In addition, this process is quite time-consuming.
  3. It has a steep learning curve, especially for developers new to iOS/macOS or unfamiliar with Apple's developer ecosystem.

What is VSCode?

VS Code is a free, open source editor developed and maintained by Microsoft. Unlike Xcode, it supports the development of all programming languages. Many people think of VS Code and Microsoft Visual Studio as the same thing; both are code development tools. However, there are some important differences.

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  • Microsoft Visual Studio is a full IDE, while VS Code is a lightweight script editor.
  • Some of the prominent features of VS Code include an integrated terminal that saves a lot of effort, you can define and run multiple tasks at once that run automatically, and more features.
  • To further enhance functionality, VS Code offers an extensive ecosystem of third-party plugins and services that integrate well with VS Code.
  • Some popular tools include GitLens, Containerization, Docker and others.
  • Amazon, IBM, and Twitter are some of the biggest companies using VS Code in production.

Download the BrowserStack VSCode extension

  • View and test their websites directly in BrowserStack via Visual Studio.
  • Select the operating system and browser combination you want to test and click "Go" to start testing.
  • Free trial users get 30 minutes of free unlimited testing on all browsers and operating systems.
  • Visual Studio Express users can also download the plugin directly from BrowserStack.

Advantages of VSCode

  1. VS Code is extremely lightweight and fast compared to other code editors.
  2. It has an extensive ecosystem that can include various third-party services such as plugin extensions and smoother.
  3. VS Code offers IntelliSense, an advanced code completion feature that provides contextual suggestions as you type.

Lack of VSCode

  1. Although VS Code is quite popular, being an open source application, there are no official customer support channels. Community support for VS Code is solid, however.
  2. For mobile native development, it does not provide significant support compared to other IDEs such as built-in emulator, native integrations and more.
  3. VS Code relies heavily on extensions and plugins to extend its functionality.
  4. It can slow down when working with larger codebases or projects.

Xcode vs VSCode: Usporedba

ParameterXcodeCode VS
Language supportC++, Swift and ObjC onlyAll languages ​​are supported
Debugging processAdvanced debugging features are available but can be complicated at times.The whole debugging process is fast.
Disk space usageMore than 10 GBMinder i 200 MB
Popularity34% of developers use Xcode56.7% of all developers prefer VS Code
Compilation speedIt can be slow at times.Quickly
adjustmentLimited customization features availableVery adaptable
CommunitySoMore community support

Choose between Xcode and VSCode

After reading the features of both programs, you may be amazed and confused. So, let's look at some factors to consider before choosing the best IDE for your upcoming big project.

  1. Main topic:Choose Apple's official IDE, Xcode, if your main goal is to develop software for Apple systems. However, VS Code is better if you are a developer or work in a language other than Swift and ObjC.
  2. Programming language:Xcode integrates well with Apple's programming languages, Swift and Objective-C. Xcode offers advanced features if you work with one of these languages. VSCode has all the features for programming in languages ​​like HTML, JavaScript, Python, C++ and more.
  3. Multi-platform support:Because VS Code is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS and allows easy communication with developers, it's a great option to usesupport for multiple platformsif you often work with developers who use multiple operating systems.
  4. Easy to use: Consider the user interface and ease of use. Xcode has a more specialized interface that can use Apple's platforms. VSCode has a more generic IDE look and is known for its simplicity and customization options.

Consider trying both IDEs to see which one better fits your workflow and provides the features you need for your development projects.

Best practices for Xcode and VSCode

Here are some best practices you can use to improve the productivity and efficiency of your development environment.

  1. Learn shortcuts:Knowing the many keyboard shortcuts will help you get the job done quickly. Plus, at least there's a shortcut to even a basic task you can do in VS Code.
  2. Extensions and plugins:You can use third-party plugins and extensions to further improve your workflow by developing better language support and code formatting to get the most out of each programming language.
  3. Use an integrated terminal:If you need to use the terminal while developing, conventional terminal usage is less convenient than using VS Code and Xcode's integrated terminal without leaving the editor.
  4. Use customization:VS Code's extensive customization options allow you to change the font, theme, and other settings to create a more aesthetically pleasing user experience.

To summarize

First, we need to evaluate the needs of our projects to choose the best IDE, and then decide between Xcode and VS Code. We explored the features, pros and cons of Xcode and VS Code. Factors that go into choosing the right IDE should be considered, including target platform, preferred programming languages, and workflow needs.

Additionally, we compared Xcode to VS Code based on criteria such as disk usage, compatibility, buildability, performance, and more.

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Which is better Xcode or Vscode? ›

XCODE is also a good IDE but like Android studio it supports the development of iOS applications only. Visual studio on the other hand supports a wide range of languages and can be used for many purposes.

What is the difference between Xcode and VS code? ›

Tightly integrated with the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks, Xcode is an incredibly productive environment for building amazing apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Visual Studio Code can be classified as a tool in the "Text Editor" category, while Xcode is grouped under "Integrated Development Environment".

Why is Xcode on my iPhone? ›

Xcode includes everything developers need to create great applications for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Xcode provides developers a unified workflow for user interface design, coding, testing, and debugging.

What is the difference between Xcode and Visual Studio? ›

Visual Studio is a suite of component-based software development tools and other technologies for building powerful, high-performance applications. On the other hand, Xcode is detailed as "The complete toolset for building great apps". The Xcode IDE is at the center of the Apple development experience.

Is Xcode deprecated? ›

This means that Xcode 12 is now deprecated, and people using Xcode 12 or older can no longer publish their apps to the App Store without upgrading their Xcode version. Each year, Apple decides to deprecate the older version of Xcode and stop allowing apps built with it to be uploaded to the store.

Should I use Xcode for Python? ›

Python and XCode

While they are compatible and you can use them to improve your results, you're not required to use XCode when using Python. And Python is by far not the only code that you can use with XCode. XCode works with C++, C, Ruby, ResEdit, Swift, Java, Carbon, Ada, Perl, and a whole lot more.

What is Xcode best for? ›

Xcode provides all tools to create apps (design, develop, and publish) for all Apple's platforms: iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS. In addition, Xcode supports the source code for many popular programming languages, including Swift, Objective-C, Objective-C++, C, C++, Java, Python, and more.

What language is Xcode good for? ›

Major features. Xcode supports source code for the programming languages: C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Java, AppleScript, Python, Ruby, ResEdit (Rez), and Swift, with a variety of programming models, including but not limited to Cocoa, Carbon, and Java.

Is Xcode an interpreter or compiler? ›

Xcode uses two different compilers: one for Swift and the other for Objective-C, Objective-C++ and C/C++ files. clang is Apple's official compiler for the C languages family. It is open-sourced here: swift-clang.

Is Xcode good for beginners? ›

A complete beginner with no prior coding knowledge could not download Xcode and immediately start to create apps. With that said, once you have the coding knowledge, Xcode has a friendly UI that's easy for beginners to navigate and understand.

Does Xcode have C++? ›

Give the Xcode project a name, organization name, and organization identifier. This can be any identifier of your preference. Pick C++ as the Language for the Xcode project. It is very important that C++ is chosen as the main language.

Is Xcode a programming language? ›

Advantages of using Xcode

It includes a code editor, debugging tools, and interface builders, among other features. Swift Programming Language: Xcode supports the Swift programming language, which is a powerful and modern programming language that makes it easier to write safe, fast, and interactive code.

Is Xcode necessary for VS code? ›

Therefore, officially speaking, without Xcode and an Apple device, you cannot make iOS apps. You cannot use Xcode on Windows. As an integrated development environment (IDE), Xcode offers users a new way to create software. It offers live rendering functionality that turns your code into a live user interface.

Is Xcode a simulator or emulator? ›

An online Android emulator is may be using the Android Studio emulator and an online iOS simulator may be using the Xcode simulator.

Why Visual Studio is better than VS code? ›

Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code - Differences

VS is slower when it comes to performing across different platforms. The processing speed is slower. VS Code is comparatively faster. Visual Studio has a free editor for developers to use but also comes with a better and paid IDE version.

What are the disadvantages of Xcode? ›

Cons of Using Xcode
  • Clunky and outdated Objective C makes it more frustrating if you are habituated to using a modern language.
  • No support for tabbed work environments makes it difficult to work with multiple windows.
Feb 15, 2023

Does Apple own Xcode? ›

Xcode is Apple's proprietary integrated development environment (IDE), launched in 2003 to allow developers to make apps for its iPhone, and since then has expanded to develop applications for iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

Do Apple developers use Xcode? ›

Overview. Xcode consists of a suite of tools that developers use to build apps for Apple platforms. Use Xcode to manage your entire development workflow — from creating your app to testing, optimizing, and submitting it to the App Store.

Does Xcode use a lot of RAM? ›

Xcode is very efficient with memory. I just looked at my memory usage for a project with around 10,000 lines of code in it and it's using 334 mb of memory - the simulator is also running and is using 54mb. So, even the smallest Mac memory wise is fine. Note, this is all Apple Silicon, M1 processor.

How much RAM is good for Xcode? ›

Fast 512GB SSD for opening Xcode projects quickly (many small files) Fast 16 GB RAM large enough for nearly all developer workflows.

Can I compile Python in Xcode? ›

"How to use Xcode IDE for Python development Open Xcode and start with creating a new project: From the templates, choose Cross-platform > External Build System Give it a name. You can update Organizatin Name and Identifier if you want. Make sure you enter a correct path for Python bin.

What the heck is Xcode? ›

Xcode provides developers a unified workflow for user interface design, coding, testing, and debugging. The Xcode IDE combined with the Swift programming language make developing apps easy and fun. To test or run applications on an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Apple Watch all you need is a free Apple ID.

Is Xcode a skill? ›

Xcode IDE or Integrated Development Environment is one of the iOS developer required skill that is essential for any iOS developer when you want to hire them.

How much does Xcode cost? ›

Top Features of XCode| How Much Does XCode Cost? XCode by itself is available for free, however, joining Apple's developer program & then uploading to the app store costs $99 per year.

Do companies use Xcode? ›

Who uses Xcode? 2198 companies reportedly use Xcode in their tech stacks, including Pinterest, Instacart, and CRED.

How hard is it to use Xcode? ›

XCode is pretty easy…if you already know how to program. It is kind of like asking “how hard is it to learn a ford car?”, well it is easy if you already know how to drive some other car. Like hop in and drive. It is all the difficulty of learning to drive if you don't.

Should I learn Swift or Python? ›

If the purpose is developing mobile applications that need to work flawlessly on the Apple platforms, then Swift is the ultimate choice. However, if the intentions are to develop artificial intelligence, design a prototype or build the backend, then Python is the one.

Is XCode an IDE or text editor? ›

XCode is Apple's IDE and is one of the most widely-used IDEs for developing Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV applications.

Does XCode run Java? ›

XCode is an IDE designed to support a wide variety of languages. The "first class" languages include Objective C, C++, and Java.

How long does it take to make an app with Xcode? ›

At a high level, you want to keep around 10-12 weeks for a small app, 23-25 weeks for a mid-sized app and 35-38 weeks for a large sized app. You will also want to make sure that you have an experienced team working on your app, otherwise it can get delayed.

Can you build a game with Xcode? ›

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a game for iOS with Swift. We'll dive into Xcode, and you'll learn how to work with variables, optionals, Interface Builder, Auto Layout, outlets, timers, and much more. It's everything you need to get started with iOS development!

How long does it take to learn Xcode and Swift? ›

How Long Does It Take to Learn Swift? It takes around one to two months to develop a basic understanding of Swift, assuming you devote about an hour a day to studying. If you study part-time or full-time, you can learn the fundamentals of Swift in a shorter period of time.

What is alternative to Xcode C++? ›

Top 10 Alternatives to Xcode
  • Visual Studio.
  • Eclipse.
  • NetBeans.
  • Android Studio.
  • AppCode.
  • Qt.
  • IntelliJ IDEA.
  • OutSystems.

Which is better Xcode or Swift? ›

Swift is an open-source programming language. Xcode delivers products using programming languages to your email or App Store. Xcode can only be used with Apple technologies. However, Swift offers cross-platform interoperability despite its challenges.

Can I run Xcode on Windows? ›

Xcode is only made for Mac OS X. So if you only have a Windows-based PC, you will have to use some workarounds to run Xcode. And if you want to build iPhone apps or desktop applications for Mac OS X, you may need access to a Mac OS X computer.

Can I code Swift on Xcode? ›

Packages that vend a library product help promote modularity in your code, make it easy to share code with others, and enable other developers to add functionality to their apps. With Xcode, you can create a new Swift package, add code, resource files, and binaries, build the Swift package, and run its unit tests.

Do I need Xcode to make an app? ›

Developer Requirements

To develop iOS apps, you need a Mac computer running the latest version of Xcode. Xcode is Apple's IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for both Mac and iOS apps. Xcode is the graphical interface you'll use to write iOS apps.

Can you code on Mac without Xcode? ›

You do not need to actually use Xcode, but Xcode is how you get all the compilers. to get the command line tools (compilers, make, etc...) Sign-up for a free developer account at developer.apple.com. You can use the same AppleID and password as for the support communities sign-in.

How to simulate iPhone on Xcode? ›

How to Set Up the iOS Simulator in Xcode
  1. Open Xcode 12. However, you may choose any version of Xcode, as the basic process is similar.
  2. Select Devices and Simulators from the Xcode menu. ...
  3. Now, it's time to run the simulator based on your built codes. ...
  4. Xcode will then compile your app and validate the code for any errors.
Jul 5, 2022

How to create iPhone simulator in Xcode? ›

Creating a standard Simulator

Open Xcode and click on “Xcode” in the menu bar. Hover over “Open Developer Tool” and then select the “Simulator” option. You will see an iOS Simulator boot up on your screen. To create another simulator, you will need to click on “File” > “New Simulator…” in the menu bar.

How do I run iPhone simulator on Xcode? ›

To run your app in Simulator, choose an iOS simulator—for example, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, or iPhone 6 + Apple Watch - 38mm—from the Xcode scheme pop-up menu and click Run. Xcode builds your project and then launches the most recent version of your app running in Simulator on your Mac screen, as shown in Figure 1-1.

Why is VS Code so powerful? ›

Robust and extensible architecture

Architecturally, Visual Studio Code combines the best of web, native, and language-specific technologies. Using Electron, VS Code combines web technologies such as JavaScript and Node. js with the speed and flexibility of native apps.

Is VS Code lighter than Visual Studio? ›

Visual Studio Code, first released in 2015, is an open-source rich text editor that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Unlike Visual Studio, VSCode is a much lighter installation that needs to take advantage of plugins for a better coding experience.

Is VS Code the most used? ›

In the Stack Overflow 2022 Developer Survey, Visual Studio Code was ranked the most popular developer environment tool among 71,010 respondents, with 74.48% reporting that they use it.

Is Xcode necessary for VS Code? ›

Therefore, officially speaking, without Xcode and an Apple device, you cannot make iOS apps. You cannot use Xcode on Windows. As an integrated development environment (IDE), Xcode offers users a new way to create software. It offers live rendering functionality that turns your code into a live user interface.

Which software is better than VS Code? ›

Microsoft Visual Studio Code lets you build and debug apps

The best alternatives to VS Code are vscode. dev, Redactor, and Nova. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.

What is better than VS Code? ›

Atom, Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and WebStorm are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Visual Studio Code.

Is VS Code good for Mac? ›

VS Code is a cross-platform code editor that can easily run on macOS, Windows, and Linux. All the web technologies VS Codes use Electron Framework in the end, meaning the applications built through VS Code are lean and seamless when updating them. VS Code is comparatively much faster than Visual Studio.

Should you use Xcode for C++? ›

If you have the disk space, Xcode IDE is by far the best option. It will provide you with a native and best experience. Setting up a C++ project is straightforward, the editor is great, and compiling and debugging is easy.

Can you develop Swift in VS Code? ›

As Swift is deployed across more platforms, it is important that Swift can be developed on more platforms as well. The Swift Extension for Visual Studio Code provides a cross-platform solution for Swift development supporting macOS, Linux, and Windows.

What is the hardest software to code? ›

Malbolge is by far the hardest programming language to learn, which can be seen from the fact that it took no less than two years to finish writing the first Malbolge code.

Is VS Code a heavy software? ›

VS Code is lightweight and should easily run on today's hardware. We recommend: 1.6 GHz or faster processor.

What are the disadvantages of VS Code? ›

Cons: Memory & CPU usage. VS code uses lots of CPU & RAM. Because it is built using Electron which is simply a web framework.

What are the cons of VS Code? ›

Cons: one potential drawback could be its relatively high system requirements compared to some other lightweight text editors. Running Visual Studio Code on low-spec hardware or older machines may result in slower performance or lagging, especially when working with large files or complex projects.

Is VS Code used in industry? ›

We have data on 18,229 companies that use Visual Studio Code. The companies using Visual Studio Code are most often found in United States and in the Information Technology and Services industry. Visual Studio Code is most often used by companies with 50-200 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue.

What is the best coding platform for Mac? ›

What is the Best Code Editor for Mac?
  • CodeLobster — best of the best.
  • Typora — best markdown editor.
  • Codeanywhere — best collaboration features.
  • Visual Studio Code — best for full stack devs.
  • JetBrains Fleet — best up-and-coming alternative.
  • Sublime Text — best for beginners.
  • Brackets — best for web developers.
May 10, 2023

Is VS Code an IDE or text editor? ›

Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) and Visual Studio Code is a rich text editor like Sublime Text and Atom. But the difference between the tools is more than just IDE and text editor. An IDE is a robust tool for writing, editing, debugging, and running your code.

What is the Mac equivalent of VS Code? ›

  • Xcode. Free. A free IDE to develop apps for Apple devices. Download. ...
  • Sublime Text. 4.3. Free. Minimalist editor for hardcore programming. ...
  • Advertisement.
  • Brackets. 4.2. Free. ...
  • Code::Blocks. 2.8. Free. ...
  • Android Studio. 3.9. Free. ...
  • Aqua Data Studio. 3.9. Free. ...
  • OpenJDK OSX Build. Free. Get the most up to date Java version on your Mac.


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