The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (2023)

Pioneer is one of the first brands you come across when searchingthe best dj controller. With a wide range that is constantly evolving, it can be difficult to choose the right one. In this guide, we'll discuss the best Pioneer controllers currently available.


The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (1)

Pioneer DDJ-FLX10


A fantastic DJ controller with full size gears. It also offers 4-channel mixing, voice control and professional FX.

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second place

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (2)

Pioneer DDJ REV7


Excellent steering wheel with motorized running wheels. The battle style layout is also perfect for scratch DJs.

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A closer look at DDJ systems

Let's take a look at the details of the best Pioneer has to offer. From beginner-friendly options to professional gear.

Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 review

Top quality Pioneer DJ controller

Technical data

  • Software:Serato DJ Pro, Rekordbox
  • Inputs:2 x dual RCA stereo (liniowe), 2 x dual RCA stereo (phono/line)
  • Exits:2 x XLR (main), 1 x Dual RCA Stereo (main), 2 x 1/4" TRS (cab)
  • channel:4
  • Check the deck:4
  • Scale:6,7 kg
  • Size (W/H/D):28,19" - 2,89" - 15,76" (716 mm - 73,4 mm - 400,3 mm)


  • Full Size Sprockets –The gears of the DDJ-FLX10 are excellent. It replicates the style, size and features of Pioneer's ever popular 2000NXS gears. These pressure sensitive gears provide great response and feel. The built-in LCD display provides important song information such as BPM and waveforms.
  • 4 channels and trees –4 channel access is essential for the dedicated DJ. It allows you to layer and prepare different tracks. If you want to push the boundaries of your DJ skills, this controller also gives you access to Stem controls for added creative flexibility.
  • Professional appearance -This is the closest thing to a complete DJ setup in controller form. Given Pioneer's dominance of the club scene, it offers an easy transition to professional equipment. Also a great controller for the working DJ to practice sets at home.
  • Extended FX -Hardware effects open up a world of creative possibilities for DJs. 4 color sound effects and 12 Beat FX are at the core. With the addition of Rekordbox's suite of effects options, you're spoiled for choice. If you like layered effects, this controller is up to the job.


  • Clunky Mix Point Link Functionality-This new feature is designed to free your hands for other tasks when handling BPM changes. It's a useful feature, but it also requires a lot of preparation to work properly.

The Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 offers DJs of all levels everything they need. The gears are excellent and will satisfy DJs who need responsive boards. Its layout makes it the perfect place for professional and aspiring DJs. A logical club-based workflow helps new DJs learn and gives veterans a familiar layout.

Although not cheap, it's a DJ controller that Pioneer has positioned as the main equipment for Rekordbox and Serato. And with the addition of Stem controls, it's one of the most performance-oriented DJ controllers on the market. A well-built controller that builds on the legacy of the great DDJ-1000 and improves on it in every way.

Read our Pioneer in its entiretyDDJ-FLX10look for more detailed information.

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (3)

Pioneer DDJ-FLX10


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Pioneer DDJ REV7 review

The ultimate controller for Scratch DJs

Technical data

  • Software:Serato DJ Pro
  • Inputs:2 x dual stereo RCA (line/phono), 1 x dual stereo RCA (auxiliary input)
  • Exits:2 x XLR (master 1), 1 x Dual RCA Stereo (master 2), 2 x 1/4" TRS (budka)
  • channel:2
  • Check the deck:2
  • Scale:23.6 ponds (10.7 kg)
  • Size (W/H/D):28,8" - 3,2" - 15" (731 mm - 81,3 mm - 381 mm)


  • Excellent running wheels –Motorized running wheels are fantastic. Perfect for scratching and very adaptable. The addition of built-in screens is also great. Instant information at your fingertips.
  • Magvel Vader Pro -In keeping with the DJ's focus on scratch, the REV7 comes with the Magvel Fader Pro, considered by some to be one of the best faders you can get. Ultra-precise and durable.
  • Perfect layout -If you're a scratch DJ, you can't beat the looks of the REV7. The battle-style mixer section and height sliders on top mimic a traditional vinyl setup.
  • solid construction -The quality of components and attention to detail are at a high level. It's a solid controller. Very reliable and trustworthy. A must-have for serious DJs.


  • other -The REV7 is not a cheap controller. This is still cheaper than traditional vinyl setups. But in the controller space, it is one of the most expensive available.

The Pioneer DDJ REV7 is one of Pioneer's most impressive controllers. The emphasis and focus on DJ scratching is evident throughout. From the layout to the amazing gears, this is the ultimate controller for DJs who want to focus on scratching.

Loads of performance pad features along with great effects and paddles solidify it as a favorite. If you want the best scratching experience on a controller, the REV7 is the best option right now.

Read our Pioneer in its entiretyDDJ-REV7 Overviewfor more detailed information.

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (4)

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Pioneer DDJ-REV7


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Pioneer XDJ RX3 review

Excellent DJ controller with screen

Technical data

  • Software:Rekordbox DJ, Serato DJ Pro
  • Inputs:2 x XLR-1/4" combo (mic), 3 x dual stereo RCA (line), 2 x dual stereo RCA (phono), 1 x 1/8" (auxiliary)
  • Exits:2 x XLR (main 1), 1 x dual stereo RCA (main 2), 2 x 1/4" (cab)
  • channel:2
  • Check the deck:2
  • Scale:20,5 pond (9,29 kg)
  • Size (W/H/D):28,67" - 4,66" - 18,48" (728 mm - 118 mm - 4,69 mm)


  • Central display -What immediately catches the eye is the beautiful 10.1-inch color screen. Parallel waveforms along with other important information keep you focused on the controller. Easy browsing with touch controls and a large dedicated dial.
  • Perfect layout -Spacious and full of possibilities. The RX3 mimics the look of Pioneer's professional equipment. For experienced DJs who want to use the equipment in their studio, this is a great option.
  • Tons of performance options –The RX3 has gone one step further than the previous RX2 with more pad modes.
  • Software flexibility –The RX3 is a standalone unit or can be connected to a laptop. For the largest selection, you can use Rekordbox or Serato.


  • Small gears -The RX3 retains the smaller gears like the RX2. While some of the built-in screens are a nice addition, these watch faces still feel a little too small.

The XDJ RX3 is a huge improvement over Pioneer's previous standalone controller. Enhanced performance capabilities complement the already popular range of controllers. The large screen is fantastic and instantly simplifies your workflow. Pioneer's standardized look also makes it a great choice for seasoned professionals and club DJs.

This is a good option for many DJs who want to integrate Pioneer's workflow.

Read our Pioneer in its entiretyX DJ RX3look for more detailed information.

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (5)

Pioneera XDJ RX3


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Pioneer DJ OPUS-QUAD review

A stand-alone premium option

Technical data

  • Software:Rekordbox, Serato DJ
  • Inputs:2 x Dual RCA Stereo (line/phono), 2 x combo XLR-1/4" (mic)
  • Exits:2 x XLR (master 1), 2 x XLR (strefa), 1 x Dual RCA Stereo (master 2), 2 x ¼" TRS (kabina)
  • channel:4
  • Check the deck:4
  • Scale:29.1 pond (13.2 kg)
  • Size (W/H/D):36,44" - 5,59" - 19,67" (926 mm - 142 mm - 500 mm)


  • Extended self-employed -The OPUS-QUAD sets a new standard for standalone Pioneer controllers with access to all 4 channels without the need for a laptop. It also has all the connectivity options you'd expect from a high-end DJ controller.
  • Many screens -A large, responsive central touchscreen is just the beginning. Additional screens above each deck increase the amount of information you can access at a glance.
  • Unique design -OPUS-QUAD offers an innovative design that touches the entire controller. Modern and sophisticated without compromising on functionality. A professional and attractive looking controller that exudes class.
  • loop encoder -For the first time, Pioneer has integrated a loop encoder that will appeal to DJs familiar with encoder loop control. Another example of Pioneer's use of never-before-seen features in Pioneer controllers.


  • High price -Large screens and extensive functionality and connectivity come at a very high price. Look elsewhere if you want the best bang for your buck.

The Pioneer OPUS-QUAD is the most unique controller Pioneer has ever released. Its unique design makes it stand out as the most elegant offering in its range. But it's not just about looks. This controller also offers extensive productivity features, stand-alone capabilities and all the connectivity you'll ever need. It comes at an incredible price, but there's no denying that this is a high-quality Pioneer DJ controller.

Read our fullPioneer DJ OPUS-QUADlook for more detailed information.

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (6)



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Pioneer DDJ SR2 review

A feature-rich 2-channel controller

Technical data

  • Software:Serato DJ Pro i Pitch 'n Time
  • Inputs:2 RCA (line/phono) 1 microphone input (1/4 inch)
  • Exits:2 main (RCA/XLR) 1 cab (TRS) 1 headphone monitor (1/4" and 1/8")
  • channel:2
  • Check the deck:4
  • Scale:8.16 pond (3.7 kg)
  • Size (W/H/D):21,7" - 2,5" - 13,1" (551 mm - 64 mm - 333 mm)


  • Excellent connectivity options -The SR2 is a mid-range controller that offers many connectivity options. It's the perfect solution for mobile DJs who need the flexibility to handle a variety of sound systems.
  • Oriented towards the mobile DJ –Comfortable in both size and weight. It's easy to take this controller to gigs. The added flexibility of USB power supply gives you additional options for customizing your mobile device.
  • Great Serato implementation -This controller works great with Serato. Provides comprehensive access to key Serato functions. Experienced Serato users will enjoy spending less time staring at their laptop.
  • Good price -The price of the SR2 is in that sweet spot between equipment for beginners and equipment for professionals. An excellent choice for new DJs who want to progress. Perfect for mobile DJs looking for an affordable controller. It is also suitable for professional DJs who need a controller for home use that offers a wide range of functions.


  • Touch Bars -The Touch Bars are a great feature, but their placement is a bit dangerous. If you like to play with effects, you can accidentally touch the bars. While nothing to worry about, it's worth noting if you're being cautious. Fortunately, you can disable Touch Bars if this is a problem for you.

The Pioneer DDJ SR2 offers intermediate DJs the perfect controller. Equipped with a range of functions, it can meet the needs of most DJs. But it's not a perfect controller with some odd design choices like small sliders and clunky trackpad placement. If you look further, it is a reliable and durable concert controller that fulfills many requirements.

Read our Pioneer in its entiretyDDJ SR2 reviewfor more detailed information.

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (7)

Pioneer DDJ SR2


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Pioneer XDJ XZ review

Pioneer professional controller

Technical data

  • Software:Rekordbox DJ
  • Inputs:2 RCA (line/phono) 2 RCA stereo (line) 2 microphone inputs (XLR and 1/4 inch) 1 AUX (RCA)
  • Exits:2 Main (RCA/XLR) 1 Cab (TRS) 1 Send (TRS) 1 Phone Monitor (1/4 inch and 1/8 inch)
  • channel:4
  • Check the deck:4
  • Scale:28.6 ponds (12.97 kg)
  • Size (W/H/D):34,57" - 4,66" - 19,35" (878 mm - 118 mm - 491 mm)


  • Perfect Relationships –A wide range of high-quality connectivity options. Two main outputs and a balanced cab output with transfer output. Line In options for external equipment and two high-quality microphone inputs. Everything a professional DJ controller needs.
  • Full color screen -The 7-inch display provides a central location for highly visible information, including stacked waveforms. Responsiveness is good and includes touch controls. Unfortunately, it lacks the finesse of modern touchscreen technology.
  • Fantastic Running Wheels -Large full size jog wheels that are a joy to use. Built-in displays with additional information and adjustable running voltage. They feel like cogs on Pioneer Club gear.
  • Professional mixer -Continuing the standard of club gear, the mixer section is solid. Excellent range of Beat effects and Sound Color FX. If you're used to being a professional DJ, you'll love how much this unit resembles club setups.


  • 2 USB channels –While the XDJ XZ offers 4-channel control, you're limited to just 2 channels when using it as a stand-alone controller with USB inputs.

Pioneer XDJ XZ is a complete professional DJ controller from Pioneer. A robust and durable controller that is an excellent alternative to controlling complete Pioneer club equipment. The screen is functional, but probably starting to show its age. Still, it's one of the best Pioneer controllers available today.

Although this is an expensive piece of equipment, you'll be hard-pressed to find a controller that emulates club equipment so well.

Read our fullPioneer DJ XDJ-XZ reviewfor more detailed information.

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (8)

Pioneer XDJ XZ


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Pioneer XDJ RR review

The ultimate DJ Recordbox controller

Technical data

  • Software:Rekordbox DJ
  • Inputs:1 x RCA (line/phono), 1 x combo XLR-1/4" (mic)
  • Exits:2x XLR, 1x RCA
  • channel:2
  • Check the deck:2
  • Scale:5,2 kg
  • Size (W/H/D):24,61" - 2,92" - 15,3" (625 mm - 74 mm - 389 mm)


(Video) Don't buy the WRONG DJ Gear in 2023 | Top 15 DJ Gear

  • 7 inch screen -The large central screen provides visual feedback without the need for a laptop. It's crisp and clear with a user-friendly interface.
  • A tight schedule -The layout tries to be as similar as possible to the layout of Pioneer's professional equipment. It offers the feel of two CDJs and a mixer in a compact and lightweight package.
  • Fair price -This option from Pioneer offers great value for a display DJ controller. A great entry point into Pioneer's ecosystem if you want a built-in display.
  • Two USB ports -You have access to two USB ports for loading music and recording sets directly to a USB drive. A practical recording sharing function is also available for your recordings.


  • Touchless operation -Unlike some more modern display DJ controllers, the XDJ RR does not come with touch controls. It's not revolutionary, but it's certainly older technology.

The Pioneer XDJ RR offers a solid entry-level model in Pioneer's line of display controllers. It has a solid selection of features, including a powerful 7-inch central display. However, it lacks some extras found in more expensive controllers. With only 4 pads and a limited selection of effects, some DJs may be asking for more.

While it lacks some extras, it still offers all the essentials in a practical, transportable frame. A good choice for mobile DJs who don't want to spend a lot of money on high-end Pioneer equipment.

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (9)

Pioneer XDJ-RR


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Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 review

A versatile controller for beginners

Technical data

  • Software:Rekordbox / Serato DJ
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4" (microphone)
  • Exits:1 x RCA (main) / 1 x 1/8" (headphones)
  • channel:2
  • Check the deck:2
  • Scale:2,1 kg
  • Size (W/H/D):19" - 2,3" - 10,7" (482 mm - 29 mm - 273 mm)


  • The ideal starting point –The DDJ-FLX4 inherits many of Pioneer's advanced features while maintaining a low price. This is the controller for you if you want to experience Pioneer's workflow without breaking the bank.
  • Awesome FX Features -Smart CFX gives you access to a range of innovative effects that you can use in your sets. The Smart Fader feature also makes it easy to switch between genres. It also has a wide variety of other FX options.
  • Compact and portable -This controller is light and does not take up much space. Perfect for smaller tables or to take to friends and host a party.
  • Reliable quality –Despite its low price and plastic construction, the DDJ-FLX4 is a solid and reliable controller with high-quality components.


  • Minimal effects –Only one RCA output limits your options. There is no balanced output or Booth output.

The DDJ-FLX4 is Pioneer's ultimate entry-level controller. It unlocks rekordbox and is also compatible with Serato DJ for maximum flexibility. An excellent layout and professional design add to its appeal, as do innovative FX functions. A great way to get started in the Pioneer ecosystem.

Read our fullPioneer DDJ-FLX4look for more detailed information.

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (10)

Pioneer DDJ-FLX4


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Pioneer DDJ REV1 review

A great choice for beginner Scratch DJs

Technical data

  • Software:Serato DJ Lite
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4" (microphone)
  • Exits:1 x dual stereo cinch
  • channel:2
  • Check the deck:4
  • Scale:2,08 kg
  • Size (W/H/D):20,7" - 2,33" - 10,06" (526 mm - 59,2 mm - 255 mm)


  • Big gears -REV1 offers great gear for new and experienced DJs alike. It's a great starting point for scratching as a DJ.
  • Option 4 channels –Unlike the DDJ 400, this basic controller lets you access up to 4 channels using the built-in buttons. For new DJs who want to experiment, this is a bonus.
  • Fighting style schedule -This type of arrangement is common among scratching DJs. For new DJs, this is the first time an entry-level controller has offered this type of layout.
  • Decent price -Previously, new DJs who wanted to focus on scratching had expensive options. This affordable controller makes it easy to start scratching as a DJ.


  • Basic Connectivity -As is often the case with entry-level controllers, the available inputs and outputs are limited. The lack of a stand or balanced output can be a stumbling block for some.

The Pioneer DDJ REV1 is one of the best entry-level controllers for DJs who want to scratch. A fighting style layout and large equipment is exactly what you need. It's also a great entry point for Serato. Although you need to upgrade to a full license to unlock more features, it still offers a good value for those on a budget.

Read our fullPioneer DDJ-REV1look for more detailed information.

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (11)

Pioneer DDJ-REV1


(Video) 5 Best Dj Controllers Of 2023

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Pioneer DDJ FLX6-GT review side

Innovative 4-channel DJ equipment

Technical data

  • Software:Rekordbox / Serato DJ / Virtual DJ
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4" (microphone)
  • Exits:1x RCA (main) / 1x RCA (cabin)
  • channel:4
  • Check the deck:4
  • Scale:3,8 kg
  • Size (W/H/D):26,6" - 2,7" - 13,6" (676 mm - 69 mm - 346 mm)


  • New merge effect -An innovative feature that allows you to choose from a variety of preset transition effects. Great for performing your favorite FX combos or salvaging a bad mix.
  • 4 channels -One of the first upgrades that DJs look for is 4 channels. The FLX6-GT gives advanced DJs a good upgrade point to explore 4-channel mixes.
  • Fair price -Sitting comfortably in the middle of Pioneer's lineup, the FLX6-GT is a natural point of evolution. But with that price comes a reduction in component quality and connectivity.
  • Known format -Like all modern Pioneer controllers, the FLX6 has a logical and familiar look. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will feel right at home.


  • running cutter -Pioneer is still trying to automate scratching. The Jog Cutter mode doesn't sound great and is confusing for beginners. Learn the traditional basic scratches better.

The Pioneer DDJ FLX6-GT is an interesting controller that could be great. Access to 4 channels is a big bonus and the new Merge FX feature offers great customization options. Although it's a bit artificial, it's a lot of fun to play with. Build quality and connectivity options are lacking.

This controller is perfect for the bedroom DJ who wants to upgrade to a Pioneer 4-channel controller without buying more expensive options.

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (12)

Pioneer DDJ-FLX6-GT


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Our expert buying guide

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking at Pioneer controllers. FX, mixer and jog wheel may vary by model. However, there are some universal elements of Pioneer and its range of DJ equipment that are worth exploring.

A trusted brand

Pioneer has a long history of producing high quality DJ equipment. When looking for DJ equipment, brand matters. A brand like Pioneer has a track record of providing DJs with a level of security that some brands can't. To learn more about how Pioneer shaped the DJ industry, watch the Pioneer DJ 20th Anniversary video series.

Pioneer also has a strong reputation for build quality. They use high quality parts in the controllers they offer. There is a difference between the basic hardware and the more advanced Pioneer controllers. But they all strive to deliver the most reliable controller in this price range.

Due to the ubiquity of Pioneer equipment and excellent craftsmanship, the market value of Pioneer equipment is also high. If you eventually upgrade your equipment, you can probably get a good deal for the original equipment.

No company is perfect, but when you buy Pioneer, you know what you're getting. High-quality equipment from a team with many years of experience. It's hard to praise this level of comfort.

A pioneering ecosystem

One of the main benefits of buying Pioneer DJ hardware is the comprehensive ecosystem of Pioneer DJ systems. In recent years, they have further improved their controllers and hardware options to a professional level. In doing so, they standardized their hardware layout for all levels, including Pioneer DDJ controllers.

This change is one of those that I am very happy about. It's easy to recommend the basic Pioneer controller. It's only natural for a new DJ to switch to more advanced equipment without having to completely change their workflow. As you progress through the Pioneer line, you'll feel right at home.

Another advantage of this is that it also works in reverse. Experienced DJs may choose a controller for their studio rather than a full club-level setup. Smaller portable controllers give experienced DJs the essential tools for preparing and planning mixes. All this without sacrificing huge amounts of money and space.


With releaseRekordbox DJPioneer has thrown its hat into the ring for dedicated DJ software. In the past, Serato or Native Instruments Traktor software was the main choice for DJs. While there are other DJ software out there, these are the pieces of software you're most likely to see in a club environment.

Rekordbox DJ opened an alternative for DJs. One that's built to integrate even better with Pioneer DJ gear. The software is efficient, fully functional and continues to receive regular updates. Its origin as a music library management tool also makes it easy to prepare and manage your music collection.

Although I'm a big fan of both Serato and Traktor, I'm glad Rekordbox is doing well. Fortunately, the bond between Pioneer and Serato remains strong. The result is a new generation of controllers that offer DJs the widest choice, both in terms of hardware and software. In my opinion, the more choices the better.

Standard club equipment

If you've ever been in a DJ booth at a club or festival, you probably willI saw Pioneer DJ decks. Often, choosing a Pioneer controller is a good choice if you want to become a professional DJ.

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (13)

This is a normal picture of Pioneer DJ equipment in a professional environment.

Skills are universal, but not all DJ equipment is created equal. It's much easier to upgrade to more advanced hardware if you stick with the same manufacturer. Not every DJ can afford to replicate a professional setup, so a controller is also the most affordable option.

If you are new to professional DJing, you may also come across older Pioneer setups. A full Pioneer setup is expensive and not all clubs want to upgrade to equipment that players don't often see. Keep that in mind as well. Although things have evolved, the basic look remains more or less the same for the most part.

Preparation is a key element of success, so it's worth asking the promoter or club owner what equipment they have. That way you can compare with your current settings and prepare for any significant differences. Sticking with one of the most popular brands of DJ equipment will reduce the difference.

That doesn't mean you can't get another controller. Many other manufacturers make excellent controllers. It's important to keep this in mind though, because sooner or later you'll probably see the Pioneer logo in your DJ career.

Frequently asked questions

Which Pioneer DJ controller for beginners?

For new DJs, the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 is a great choice. Versatile features, innovative FX tools, high build quality and affordability make this Pioneer's best entry-level controller.

Which one to buy?

Pioneer continues to provide DJs with plenty of options when it comes to controllers. Every DJ wants a solid, reliable and powerful controller. That's why the Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 is the best Pioneer controller available today. It's packed with features and a look that makes perfect sense for the modern professional DJ.

Of all the DJ controllers Pioneer has released, this is the most impressive yet. With the addition of Stem controls and extensive Serato support, it far surpasses other Pioneer controllers on the market. A device that should be at the top of the Pioneer controller options list.

The Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2023 [TOP 10 Reviews] (14)

Pioneer DDJ-FLX10


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What is the new Pioneer DJ in 2023? ›

Opus Quad. New in 2023, this unit contains flagship, next-gen standalone tech, and is Pioneer DJs first real reply to the Engine DJ-powered systems from rival brand Denon DJ. It's big, gorgeous, powerful… and pricey.

Which Pioneer controller is most like CDJs? ›

If you've DJed on Pioneer DJ Rekordbox controllers, even that will be easy, as all the latest Rekordbox controllers have a similar layout to pro CDJs anyway.

Is Pioneer making a new DJ controller? ›

The DDJ-FLX10 includes a new feature called Track Separation for making mash-ups on the fly. Pioneer DJ has unveiled its latest four-channel controller.

What DJ controller is coming out 2023? ›

Released in March 2023, the DDJ-FLX10 is a high-end (or top-tier) DJ controller from Pioneer DJ – their current flagship 'laptop required' DJ controller that replaced the older DDJ-1000 and DDJ-1000SRT.

What is the next Pioneer DJ equipment? ›

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  • 2023. Pioneer DDJ FLX2 – $159. [to replace the DDJ 200] 2 channel controller with no smart functions. Looks very similar to the DDJ 200. ...
  • 2024. Pioneer DDJ FLX10 – $1899. [to replace the DDJ 1000) 4 channels. Smart funcions. ...
  • 2025. XDJ XZ MKII. 4 channels. Inherits all the body changes and features of the FLX10.
Jan 31, 2023

What is the difference between Pioneer DDJ RX and RR? ›

The XDJ-RX2 is the bigger of the two and weighs more, coming in at around 9 kilos while the XDJ-RR is more compact and lighter weighing a little over 5 kilos. That makes the XDJ-RR the more portable of the two, although the XDJ-RX2 is also light enough to be brought to gigs.

Which is better XDJ or CDJ? ›

With higher sound quality, CDJs sound better and provide a superior listening experience. It is because of this improved quality and brilliant user experience that so many professionals around the world use Pioneer DJ's gear in the first place.

Why is CDJ better than DDJ? ›

CDJs are independent and can be used without a laptop or other device. DDJs, on the other hand, are reliant on a laptop or other device containing the DJ software to be plugged into it at all times. CDJs are more flexible (being able to play all music formats, as well as work as Midi controllers for DJ software).

When should I upgrade my DJ controller? ›

The most common reason to upgrade is to perform on equipment that allows more channels to be mixed at once. A third or fourth deck enables a DJ to get creative with sampling acapellas and drums, for example. Higher tier controllers and mixers also allow for better effects and control over them.

Why are Pioneer controllers out of stock? ›

Shortages worsened throughout 2021, intensifying toward the end of the year when it was reported that a factory in Japan that produces a majority of chips for both Pioneer and Denon equipment had burnt down.

What is the latest Pioneer CDJ? ›

Enhance your creative power with our evolved flagship multi player, the CDJ-3000.

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Martin Garrix has been voted The World's No. 1 DJ in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs poll 2022.

What is the most expensive DJ controller in the world? ›

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MX Pro Mixer DJX750 DJ Controller₹34,650Dec, 2019
Hercules DJControl Compact DJ Controller₹31,859Dec, 2019
Hercules DJ P32 Pad MIDI DJ Controller₹29,585Feb, 2020
Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX DJ Controller₹28,794Aug, 2021
6 more rows

What is the difference between a DJ player and DJ controller? ›

Essentially, A DJ Controller is a device that is both a turntable and a mixer, which also connects to DJ software, allowing for mixing music without requiring any other hardware besides the computer. A DJ Mixer is only a mixer, which requires turntables or CDJs to plug into each channel so you can mix music.

Is Serato or RekordBox better? ›

In my opinion, Serato DJ is excellent if you're looking to mix exclusively on laptops and controllers. However, if you're looking for a more old-school style with Pioneer CDJs, then RekordBox is going to be your go-to choice.

What is the new company name for Pioneer? ›

Pioneer DJ Corporation has changed its company name to AlphaTheta Corporation as of January 1, 2020. Our brands and brand names, including Pioneer DJ, will not be affected.

Why is Pioneer DJ so expensive? ›

Some brands charge more just because they know people are willing to pay it. Since PioneerDJ is an industry standard, it charges higher for its products than other brands -- even if they have the same quality.

Why is there a shortage of Pioneer DJ equipment? ›

Unfortunately there are a number of factors working against us for stock levels, including global silicon shortages for chip manufacturing from our suppliers (both processing and DACs), parts delays due to a factory fire in 2020 in Japan, production halted at factories from repeated COVID shutdowns, shipping delays due ...

Which is best Denon or Pioneer? ›

With Pioneer - you know what you're getting and they have a reputation for steady and sturdy as Denon has a reputation for cutting edge modern features. However what do venue owners want in clubs - steady and reliable and gear that everyone is used to and even expecting or the latest next big thing.

Is the Pioneer XDJ RR worth it? ›

Excellent value for the money. Great sound quality, intuitive interface, great way to jump from a DJ controller to club gear. Very simple to use. Seems a bit to much for a 2 channel mixer but the screen makes up for it.

Is Pioneer Rev 7 worth it? ›

The Pioneer DDJ-REV7 features two-channel faders and an impressive Magvel Pro fader. Arguably one of the best faders around. It is super responsive and accurate and much like the platters a joy to use. Further flexibility is present to adjust crossfader curves, tension, and cut lag.

What is the best sound quality for DJ? ›

WAV and AIFF are both high quality audio formats and suitable for large DJ performances. They are larger file sizes than MP3 but of better quality. WAV was designed by Microsoft and IBM and AIFF was designed by Apple.

Which Pioneer XDJ to get? ›

Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ

Out of all the units here, the four-channel Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ is the “pro” choice, looking and feeling to all the world like a Pioneer pro club set-up. That means it is large, almost too large.

What is the difference between a Pioneer CDJ and XDJ? ›

CDJ – a line of media players that allow for control and manipulation of CDs (or other digital audio formats) using an emulated vinyl turntable surface. XDJ – a line of media players similar to CDJs, but without a slot for CDs. These units play music from USB key, or other digital media.

Should I get a DJ controller or CDJ? ›

Simply put, CDJs can perform virtually just as many tricks and effects as a dedicated DJ Controller while not needing anything other than a USB stick. Meanwhile, left on its own, a controller is relegated to the few features it's got logged into its hardware, everything else is locked onto its respective DJ software.

What is the life expectancy of CDJ? ›

CJD usually appears in later life, typically around age 60, and quickly gets worse. About 70 percent of people having CJD die within one year.

Should I buy CDJs or a controller? ›

CDJs are used to connect to a separate DJ mixer, whereas a DJ controller has two “CDJ” type turntables with a built-in DJ mixer, all-in-one. CDJs are more flexible in DJ equipment setup but do cost a lot of money, whereas DJ controllers are inflexible in set and are affordable in price.

How do you know if a DJ is good? ›

What Qualities Should a DJ Have?
  • They have great equipment. A great DJ must have good equipment and the ability to use it. ...
  • They have a passion for their work (music) ...
  • They know how to put on a performance. ...
  • They have strong people skills. ...
  • They are up to date with the latest songs and trends. ...
  • They're kind and professional.
Aug 8, 2022

How long should a DJ set last? ›

So, what is the ideal set length? I will cut to the chase, as this is quite a long article read; I want to keep you all with me. I will be bold and state that a MINIMUM of 90 minutes, but preferably 2-hours, is the ideal set length but does take into account the different genres of music.

How do I choose my first DJ controller? ›

How To Choose a DJ Controller: New Buyer Advice
  1. Test: Try before you buy.
  2. Brand: Review different brands and models to suit your needs.
  3. Price/Budget: More expensive doesn't always mean better.
  4. Deals: Hunt for deals and DJ Controller packages.
  5. Skills: Don't let your skill get in the way of your decision.

How long is Pioneer DJ controller warranty? ›

3 years from the date of purchase.

Is Pioneer making a new DDJ 1000? ›

The DDJ-1000 features a new MAGVEL FADER crossfader, which inherits the design architecture of the renowned MAGVEL FADER PRO from the DJM-S9 professional battle mixer.

Who manufactures Pioneer DJ? ›

Pioneer DJ
FormerlyPioneer Pro DJ
ProductsMixer, Player, Controller, All-in-one system, Turntable, Remix station, rekordbox
Number of employees435
6 more rows

What is the best sound quality for Pioneer CDJ? ›

Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2

It's still a breathtaking CDJ. The Nexus 2 has incredible sound fidelity compared to the CDJ-3000. The 96 kHz/24-bit soundcard produces the clearest, crispest sound quality. The 32-bit A/D converter produces magnificent outputs analog audio.

What does XDJ stand for? ›


What is the difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0 CDJ? ›

Secondly, when looking for USB flash drives, you need to pay attention to whether a drive is USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. The distinction between 2.0 and 3.0 is how fast a device can transfer data, with 3.0 being the fastest. While most laptops on the market today have USB 3.0 capabilities, Pioneer CDJ's do not.

Is Pioneer coming out with a new mixer? ›

Pioneer DJ Unveils Next Generation Mixer, DJM-A9, With Expanded Toolkit. Pioneer DJ's DJM-A9 is an upgrade to its industry-standard predecessor, the DJM-900NXS2. Pioneer DJ's DJM-A9 is an upgrade to its industry-standard predecessor, the DJM-900NXS2.

Is Pioneer making a new DDJ-1000? ›

The DDJ-1000 features a new MAGVEL FADER crossfader, which inherits the design architecture of the renowned MAGVEL FADER PRO from the DJM-S9 professional battle mixer.

Why is there a pioneer shortage? ›

It's simply because of the global computer chip shortage. There have been parts delays emanating from persistent capacity issues in the far east, which have then impacted all related industries on a global scale. From laptops to cars, through to DJ gear, it's been a serious issue in 2021, which has yet to be resolved.

Will the DDJ 1000 be discontinued? ›

[DISCONTINUED] Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 Pro DJ Controller.

When did Pioneer go out of business? ›

By 1987, Pioneer was going bankrupt, and in 1993, the parent company for Popeyes, a national fried chicken chain that by all accounts was nothing like Pioneer, purchased the ailing company, converting most of the remaining Pioneers into Popeyes.

Who owns Pioneer now? ›

The company was founded by Nozomu Matsumoto in January 1, 1938 in Tokyo as a radio and speaker repair shop. Its current president is Susumu Kotani.

Who bought Pioneer? ›

HOUSTON, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- PATTERSON-UTI ENERGY, INC. (NASDAQ:PTEN) today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Pioneer Energy Services Corp. for approximately $295 million, which includes the retirement of all Pioneer Energy Services' debt.

What is the difference between CDJ and XDJ? ›


Before we work through every model, it's important to note that Pioneer DJ standalone gear is divided into two name prefixes (XDJ or CDJ), but three groups by style: CDJ players: standalone media players that have CD drives, USB slots. XDJ players: standalone media players like CDJs, but without CD drives.

Should I get CDJ or DDJ? ›

CDJs are independent and can be used without a laptop or other device. DDJs, on the other hand, are reliant on a laptop or other device containing the DJ software to be plugged into it at all times. CDJs are more flexible (being able to play all music formats, as well as work as Midi controllers for DJ software).


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