Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (2023)

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (1)

Cooper STT Pro 295/70R17 + Koła Relations Race RR5 0 offset Gun Metal Grey + dystanse Spidertrax 1,25″

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - Compete for two of Cooper's most impressive M/T offerings

Having driven the Cooper Evolution M/T for just over 5,000 miles, I was anxious to see how the STT Pro would fare.

I read a lotexcellent reviews on itand I had great conversations with the guys on Instagram about them. I see countless 4Runners, Tacomas, Tundras and many other off-road platforms that support them. So what is it about these tires that everyone loves them so much?

Is that possible? Finally an M/T that people love more than the infamous KO2 A/T? Not really!

Why STT Pro?

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (2)

At first glance, I understand why STT Pros appeal to the entire off-road community. The sidewalls, shoulders and tread pattern look extremely aggressive. Better than most mud areas on the market. The lugs are strong, and on the shoulder there are impressive studs with deep grooves that give the impression that they will destroy everything in their path. Along with looks and reliable off-road performance, it also enjoys a five-star reputation on the road due to its well-balanced technical specifications.

It almost sounds too good to be true... an efficient mud tire with excellent off-road performance that won't scream on the highway? A real lady on the street and a freak in the sheets... well, in our case, a beast. OK, that sounds weird.

STT Pro features:

  • Hybrid 3-2 tread: reduces noise and increases stability
  • Interchangeable shoulder lugs: improve traction in mud and soft surfaces.
  • Anti-limescale: Prevents limescale retention, extending the life of the tire.
  • Mud release holes: Help keep the tread pattern clear of loose soil.

Een co z Evolution M/T?

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (3)

Cooper Evolution M/T 35X12.5 + Anza -6 offset bronze fuel wheels + Spidertrax 1.25″ spacers

So this is where I was confused. The STT Pro reviews are really starting to sound like the Evolution M/T: fantastic on and off road. If you haven't read itour first impressions of the Evolution M/T, take a look to see them in detail.

In short, our first impressions of the Cooper Evolution M/T were great. They look great, handle well on the road and still perform well off road in snow (yes, snow), mud, rocks, sand, gravel and just about anything we throw at them.

Features of the Evo M/T:

  • Earth Diggers: Navigate difficult terrain using large blocks and alternative mud shovels
  • Mud Slingers: Get extra traction in deep, wide ruts
  • Trail Grip Sidewall: Aggressive "climbs" that grip rocks and sticks
  • Stone barriers: protect against damage caused by sharp stones and remove jammed stones

How are they different?

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (4)

Let's jump into these two tires and look at a few different categories to see how they differ. After about 3,000 miles on the STT Pro, we've come to a pretty basic feeling. True, this is not a complete review of any tire from 20 to 50 thousand km. miles This is just our first look at these two tires and our experience with them so far: 3,000 miles on both tires (two different 4Runner tires). So far I've had a lot of questions on Instagram about the differences between the two bands, so I decided to put together an overview post.

Find them online:

Cooper STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T


Performance in motion

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (5)

POBJEDA: M/T-evolutie

Both tires perform very well on the road; both roll straight when balanced and tuned, so no complaints about either tire. Overall, both Cooper offerings have pretty good handling on muddy terrain. But the EVO M/T is a better tire for everyday use.

For starters, the EVO M/T's road noise is quieter than the STT Pro's. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being loud and 10 being quiet) I would give the STT Pro a "4" and the Evolution M/T a "7". The only area where the EVOs shine above the STT is driving on ice/snow.

On the snowy and icy roads of El Dorado County, the EVOs performed incredibly well for the M/T. I was really shocked because M/Ts usually get a bad rap on ice. They worked well all spring and summer. During a Lake Tahoe winter at the top and winding, dark roads full of water and ice, these EVOs far exceeded expectations. Not once did the traction indicator come on in some corners that I thought would give way. More than a few times during the winter we crossed the ice fields, thick slush and wet corners around Lake Tahoe.

The behavior of this tire on the road is deadly. More than impressed.

Field performance

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (6)


After riding over rocks, sand, mud, snow and everything in between on both tires, we definitely went off-road on the STT Pro, and boy: it's a seriously impressive off-road tire. This tire absolutely dominated dry roads thanks to its sticky rubber compound, even more so than the EVO M/T. The STT grips tighter and pulls the rock better. Dry surfaces, rocks, mud and sand are areas where the STT shines. STT makes you feel invincible. The EVO still takes you there, but the STT tends to catch, grab and pull with more control.

Some of the disadvantages of off-roading with STT professionals are snow and wet conditions. Once released into the snow, they handle momentum very well, but if you're riding at full PSI or slow crawling, they'll punch and punch and drag you deeper into the snow. After all, these tires are such off-road beasts that they simply dominate this category.

One thing to consider is that if you are a big fan of driving in the snow or often see icy roads, this might not be the best tire for you.


Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (7)


If you see a lot of mud or sand, this is a tire worth considering. As long as the STT Pro's strong grips have something to grip onto, they'll pull your gear through anything in its path. We were pushing those tires through sand-filled mud and just when I thought they were going to give up, they swerved and dragged us down the trail. This tire has tremendous off-road confidence and simply destroys everything in its path.


Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (8)

POBJEDA: M/T-evolutie

Directly compared to the Evolution M/T in this category, the STT Pro scores poorly. After about 8,000 miles on the STT Pro, we really got to know their bad behavior on wet/icy roads. We tested the Pros on dark canyon roads where patches of ice, snow and falling snow were consistent. Treading these roads really showed the weakness of the STT Pro as the tires fell off more than a few times. Professionals even manage to go off the road several times when accelerating in sharp turns, which often activates the skid indicator. If you don't press the narrow pedal, you can manage huge cams. It really depends on the area, but the lack of slats may be enough for your riding style.

On the other hand, the EVO M/T took us through the winding black roads of Lake Tahoe with ease. Not once have I worried about these straps coming loose. Although they don't appear to have many sipes, the sipes in these tires certainly do the job. It's also a studded tire, so if you want to stud the EVO, you can.


Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (9)

POBJEDA: M/T-evolutie

Muddy terrain is usually not good for snow. However, the Evolution M/T performs quite well compared to the STT Pro. If I had to choose one snow tire, it would be the EVO. Every time I hit the EVOs in the snow, they give me the confidence I need to climb or descend. However, STT pros seem to lack the confidence that EVO has. The STT allowed us to get through a day in the snow well ventilated, but they don't come close to the level of performance offered by the EVO.

It was close because once installed the STT and EVO provide great buoyancy and perform well.

looks like

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (10)


This can be boiled down to either band depending on your preference, but I think most of you will agree that the STT Pro looks better. It has deeper, more aggressive tread blocks, more aggressively spaced blades, and the sidewall has a unique directional tread pattern. No, it doesn't look like the MAXXIS Trepador, but the STT Pro is a really aggressive looking tire. Let's not count out the EVO M/T though; it's also a fantastic tire, but STT says "destroy everything in your path".


Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (11)

POBJEDA: M/T-evolutie

In all sizes, the Evolution M/T is lighter. For our designs, lighter is usually better, but not always. Maybe you're the type who needs the strongest body possible, in which case a heavy-duty tire might be the right choice for your build. When you consider upgrading your tire size, you end up with unsprung rotating mass, which ultimately negatively affects your MPG and overall road performance. That's not a good indicator of performance given the weight differences between the two, but weight should definitely be considered because it all adds up.

monster weight

  • 285/70R17
    • STT Pro: 62
    • EVO M/T: 57

Random fact:The STT Pro is available in a wide range of sizes, but is not available in 35", while the EVO M/T is.


Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (12)

POBJEDA: M/T-evolutie

The Evolution M/T is much smaller than the STT Pro. For that reason, I give the Evolution M/T the win. Cooper Tires has a great brand of tires, and if you can afford a set of tires comparable to the pros for a lot less, then I say go for it - and don't look back. It's hard to find affordable tires that perform well on and off the road.

Collection process

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (13)

I was wondering what it was about those infamous STT pros that everyone talks about. Now I understand. They impress in almost all areas.

In my opinionFor me personally, the STT Pro is a level above the EVO M/Tthis is only because most of my trips are short distances to and from work and i live in an area where there is not a lot of snow/ice on the roads. I don't travel long distances so I'm rarely on the road for long periods of time unless I'm out and about. I also like the more aggressive look of the STT Pro.

If you are a daily commuter or someone who sees a lot of snow/ice on the road, I would go with the Evolution M/T. If you're more focused on overall off-road performance than road noise and snow/ice performance, then definitely check out the STT Pro.

What is it for you?

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. Cooper Evolution M/T - full review (14)

In the end, it's a very simple decision; The STT Pro has a more aggressive tread pattern and will generally perform slightly better off-road. However, the STT Pro has a bit more road noise compared to the Evolution M/T and doesn't perform as well in wet/icy conditions.


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