Amazon Hunters Season 1 Conclusion and All the Twists Explained (2023)

WARNING: Spoilers for Hunter season 1.

FromHuntersThe Season 1 conclusion ends with a twist that opens up many possibilities for Season 2 and beyond. The Hunters, the first season, co-produced by Jordan Peele, focuses on the Nazi threat to America with a certain background. Given the sensitive nature of the material,AmazonThe series has been the subject of controversy since its launch in February 2020. For dramatic purposes, fact and fiction combine to create the first season finale of The Hunters, which cleverly (and skillfully) portrays the real-life Nazi leader.

Over the course of the 10-episode season of The Hunters 1, the main squad follows the Nazis in the eastern United States and hopes to prevent the rise of the Fourth Reich. Jew Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino) forms a diverse team that includes Lonny Flash (Josh Radnor), Roxy Jones (Tiffany Boone), Joe Torrance (Louis Ozawa), Sister Harriet (Kate Mulvany), Mindy Markowitz (Carol Kane) and Jonah Heidelbaum ( Logan Lerman) - grandson of Holocaust survivor Ruth Heidelbaum (Jeannie Berlin). In the subplot, Nazi Biff Simpson (Dylan Baker) tries to escape America, while neo-Nazis led by The Colonel (Lena Olin) and Travis Leich (Greg Austin) conspire against America with a plan to affect cities across the country.


Huntersseason 1 uses historical facts to create characters for fictional and real characters. For example, the plot is set in motion by the so-called "Operation Paperclip", but the story only begins there. In the first season finale of The Hunters, Meyer admits that he is not actually Jonah's grandfather, who survived the Holocaust, but a high-ranking Nazi who has been living in America under a false identity for the past 30 years. In the end, Jonah decides to kill Meyer, which immediately resolves the character's main conflict in the first season of The Hunters, while Lerman's character becomes the new leader. But what happens afterwards? Here's a full recap of the last season of HuntersAmazon Prime.

Paper clip operation explained

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Paper clip operationwas a secret US government program that brought German scientists to America after World War II. The goal: to help defeat the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Operation Paperclip — aptly named after the officials who identified potential recruits by attaching paperclips to their files — is estimated to have injured around 1,600 German nationals, many of them ex-Nazis. Most people associate the program with Wernher von Braun, the German who helped the Nazis build the V-2 rocket. In America, he is known for managing the Space Flight Center. Marshall in Huntsville, Alabama, and the development of the US space program.

Another famous Nazi brought to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip was Kurt Debus, who later became the first director of the Kennedy Space Center. Kennedy. Von Braun was initially believed to be dead in the first season of The Huntsman, which makes sense since it's set in 1977 - the same year he died in real life. However, in an alternate history of the Amazon, von Braunis was revealed to be alive and was subsequently interrogated by hunters. “Rocket Man” admits that he helped the Nazi authorities develop a plan that would lead to the Fourth Reich, even though all he wanted was to own the stars.

What is the plan of the Nazis to create the Fourth Reich?

Amazon Hunters Season 1 Conclusion and All the Twists Explained (2)

The Nazis are secretly planning to "cleanse the world" through Schindler Corp. They previously hired Von Braun to create "The Solution," a food replacement for the pathogens used in corn syrup. Specifically, the Nazis want to target urban communities across America in their quest to build a Fourth Reich. This is their way of removing the population from the inside - disruptive, in their eyes the perfect solution. By using corn syrup, they were able to convince business executives that they were saving money while convincing the general population that the new formula would be better for them. And according to Sister Harriet's contact, no one will know he's infected until it's too late.

Of course, using von Braun's recipe in corn syrup was only the first step, as the Nazis really hoped to establish a Fourth Reich that would one day take over the world. So while the US government thought the Nazis were helping them in their plans to defeat the Soviet Union, the Nazis were really biding their time, infiltrating some of the highest positions in the federal government and slowly but surely laying the groundwork for their plan of attack. . Since American operations are run by a colonel — her real name is Eva Braun, the longtime partner and later wife (albeit briefly) of Adolf Hitler — the first season of Hunters focuses primarily on the Nazi conspiracy in the United States, but clearly life with Hitler, bigger plans are at play. .

How Wolf Meyer Became Offerman

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DoorHuntersseason 1, Meyer tells Jonah numerous stories about a certain Nazi named Wilhelm Zuchs who tortured him and Ruth in Auschwitz. The story goes that Wolf forced Meyer to kill other inmates, hoping to break his spirit. In short, Wolf was obsessed with Ruth and systematically tormented Meyer with jealousy. After the war ended, Wolf was allegedly arrested by the Russians and may have moved to America under a new identity. The doctor Jonah identifies as Wolf turns out to be the doctor who gave the infamous Nazis a new "mask".

When Meyer confronts the doctor and kills him, Jonah reveals that he didn't say the Kaddish as he promised. Since the real Meyer dreamed this moment and always said the prayer in his dreams, Meyer's failure to say the prayer was all it took for Jonah to realize that Zuchs was Meyer. And so the real Zuchs, the Wolf, discovered that he had escaped the Russians, killed the real Meyer, and written a note as Meyer to Ruth. He then fled to Berlin and after being spotted he realized he needed an operation.

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Zuchs spent his savings on plastic surgery, moved to America and hoped to wake up from his "hate coma". In doing so, he committed himself to the Jewish faith and manipulated Ruth, completely surrendering to his new persona. He says that becoming Jewish allowed him to realize his mistakes in life and try to make amends for them. Therefore, in 1976, after an inspiring conversation with Ruth, the fake Meyer decided to form a Nazi-hunting group. And when Ruth was later killed, Wolfak Meyer recruited Jonah to help with a 30-year mission of redemption. Unfortunately for Zuchs, he is then killed by his protégé, a moment that establishes the new leader of the second season of Hunters, along with a new mission.

Hitler is alive and he is a "general"

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The conclusion of the first season of TheHunters shockingly reveals that Adolf Hitler is alive and that he is the General - a character who is only mentioned in passing at the beginning of the season. He lives in Argentina and probably has four identical children with the colonel, who turns out to be Eva Braun. In real life, Hitler and Braun married and then allegedly committed suicide as Red Army troops approached Berlin on April 30, 1945. In Amazon's alternate history, Hitler's discovery opens up several possibilities. First Joe Torrance was kidnapped by Colonel/Eva and now he has seen the Führer of the Third Reich in person. If Joeis is released, he can now check the scope of the Fourth Reich's plan. Or maybe it's being used for propaganda, dead or alive.

What's interesting about Hunters is that it uses the real-life conspiracy theories that Hitler lives in Argentina as the basis for the ending of the plot - and the series as a whole. According to the Hunt for Hitler series, Adolf Hitler fled Germany by submarine to Argentina shortly after World War II, and while he was there, other Nazis around the world conspired for another war and the creation of the Fourth Reich. All this has been refuted by historians and refuted evidence indicating that Hitler lived in the sixties of the last century. However, that doesn't mean Hitler Hunters didn't do it in this alternate reality.

Now there are two groups of Nazi hunters

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After Jonah kills Meyer/Wolf, the encounter reveals that Lonny, Roxy, and Sister Harriet are still part of the original Hunter team. Based on Jonah's actions, the group assumes that Joe has left town and "found a way out". Meanwhile, Mindy moves to Westchester to be with her family. Jonah asks if anyone else wants to leave and explains that there are more Nazis to hunt. "They're coming," he says, "they're everywhere." The team realizes that Agent Morris will be hunting them while they're tracking the Nazis, but the thing is, they're not the only ones hunting the Nazis right now.

At the end of the first season of Hunters, a congressman approaches Agent Morris and admits that Operation Paperclip is real. The congressman does not want to hide information like his predecessors, but prefers to confront the Nazis. So she ordered Agent Morris to assemble a team to hunt down Nazis at home and abroad. This means that not only will there be two groups of Nazi hunters in Hunter Season 2, but both groups will be hunting Nazis all over the world, not just in America.


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Is Harriet a traitor (and who was talking)?

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In the first season of Hunters, Harriet's sister often seems to be working against the Hunters or at least has other goals. At least he's hiding something. At one point he is on the phone and says "They are coming" in German. He later warned a Nazi, Kenneth Swiggens, in Alabama, telling him that "Juden is looking for you." However, it is later revealed that she brought it as a gift for Murray and Mindy. But then, in the first season finale of The Hunters, she has a mysterious phone conversation with someone after Meyer's death.

Who was Sister Harriet talking to? He begins the conversation with the words: "It is important to part the curtains from time to time. See that there is still light in the world." On the other hand, a woman with a British accent reacts to the news that the "queen" - the colonel - is supposedly dead, then questions Harriet's sister about how she intends to trick the "Offerman bandits" into carrying out "the plan". The woman also calls Harriet's sister "Rebekah". - a name she hasn't used since she was a child when she was with her parents - noting that a new file would be on the way.

It seems likely that there is a religious connection between Harriet's sister and her mysterious contact. This means that Season 2 of The Huntsman could feature Harriet's sister as a double agent to help lead the fight against the Nazis while making sure other information is protected. Just like in the TV seriesThe Curse of Oak Islandsuggests that a secret European treasure is buried in Canada, it's possible that Season 2 of Hunters will explore a similar concept. Sister Harriet might even try to protect historical information instead of physical objects.

As the end prepares the season of hunters 2

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Hunter Season 2 is likely to take place in Europe and will explore "Die Spinne" - a covert operation in which eight of Hitler's top lieutenants were secretly transported to various locations in Europe. Nurse Harriet informs Hunter's team of the dossier and suggests they take their knowledge "across the pond". So, the main conflict will again be about the hunt for Nazis, but in a new place. The main conflict will be over Sister Harriet's motives.

What speaks to the end of the first season of The Hunters is that Sister Harriet and co focus on Europe, while the final moments take place on Hitler's estate in South America (Argentina). In Season 2 and beyond, it looks like Jonah's team will locate many Nazis in Europe and uncover a larger conspiracy, but the information gathered will theoretically lead them to Argentina in Season 3 or Season 4 of The Hunters. Next, it's a matter of plot because Amazon can include different elements of the genre in multiple seasons. There is a true history (the hunt for Nazis), an alternate history (the survival of Hitler and Braun), and several fantastical subplots that are presented in terms of the characters' religion, treasure, and bloodlines. Amazonin fact it seems to follow a safe path butHuntershowever, it is set for several seasons.

the following:What to expect from the second season of hunters


What happened at the end of Hunters series 1? ›

At the end of Hunters Season 1, we found out that Adolf Hitler was still alive and living in Argentina. Jonah learned the truth at the very start of the second season. He and Millie gathered the team together to take down the leader of the Nazi regime.

Was the wolf killed in season 1 of Hunters? ›

Jonah wanted to make things right since he was guilty of his mistake. His grandfather's words had such an impact on him that he vowed to track down and kill the Wolf. Only the Wolf was still alive after the other Nazi officials were all slaughtered by the Hunt crew.

Why was Meyer killed in Hunters? ›

Biography. Wilhelm Zuchs was a surgeon in the Auschwitz concentration camp where Meyer Offerman and Ruth Heidelbaum were held and was notorious for his sadistic experiments on the prisoners. During his tenure, he was infatuated with Ruth and brutally murdered Meyer out of jealousy.

How did the series Hunter end? ›

Hitler goes on trial in Hunters' series finale and is found guilty, an unsurprising and welcome outcome to a show that is an elaborate, and understandable, World War II revenge fantasy.

What did the wolf do to Meyer? ›

Meyer Offerman was subjected to torture in the concentration camps, particularly by the hands of The Wolf. Offerman endured both mental and physical torture at the hands of the jealous Wolf for his love of Ruth Heidelbaum.

Did Ruth know Meyer was the wolf? ›

Ruth also eventually learned that Meyer was the Wolf prior to her murder. But before she could respond or tell anyone, Richtar finished her off.

Who is the bad guy in Hunters? ›

Travis Leich is the central antagonist of the Amazon Prime original TV series Hunters.

What happened to Joe in season 1 Hunters? ›

At the end of Hunters Season 1, Joe decided to leave the group. As he went, he was attacked by the Nazis and taken to Argentina. That was when we learned with him that Adolf Hitler was still alive and the woman leading the attempt to bring the Fourth Reich to New York was Eva Braun.

Who killed Lady wolf? ›

King Joffrey, when threatening Sansa with a crossbow, tells her he hasn't forgotten how her direwolf assaulted him. Sansa protests that Lady never hurt him, but he killed her anyway.

What is Meyers secret in the Hunters? ›

This point becomes even more obvious in Hunters season 2's ending, as the series reveals that Meyer was the one who ordered the death of Jonah's grandmother Ruth. Hunters confirms that Ruth found out that Meyer was actually Wilhelm Zuchs, so he arranged her death before she could act on it or tell the other hunters.

Is Meyer the bad guy? ›

Wilhelm Zuchs, known throughout the series as Meyer Offerman and by the moniker "The Wolf", is the anti-villainous deuteragonist and one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside Adolf Hitler) of the Amazon Prime original TV series Hunters, as well as the deuteragonist of the Dark Horse short comic book Hunters: ...

What happens to Lonnie in Hunters? ›

The ensuing blast causes Lonny to become momentarily distracted, and it's enough time for Travis to turn around and plunge a knife into the man's stomach. As he collapses on the floor, gasping for air, Jonah awakens and sees the wreckage first-hand as the city itself is plunged into darkness.

Did Hunter and McCall ever get together? ›

Season six (1989–90)

Probably the most remembered episode of the sixth season was "Unfinished Business". During this episode, the audience learns that Hunter and McCall had actually once slept together, causing a rift in their working relationship.

How did Travis survive Hunters? ›

Travis Survived In The Hunters Season 2 Finale

After Travis jumped off the side of the building, officers looked down over the edge and saw nothing, indicating that Travis survived in Hunters' season 2 finale.

What happened to the hunter at the end? ›

The biggest twist in Fall reveals that Hunter is dead for a lot of the movie. After she climbs down to retrieve her backpack, Becky manages to pull both Hunter and the backpack back to the top of the tower, where they try to charge the drone so they can send it to get help.

What does the Wolf mean in Hunters? ›

Wilhelm Zuchs a.k.a. The Wolf was a German surgeon at a concentration camp who became singularly obsessed with two Jewish prisoners, Meyer Offerman and Ruth Heidelbaum. He admired them for their resolve in a terrible, inhuman situation and for also how they kept their love for each other intact.

Why did Al Pacino leave Hunters? ›

I think we both just felt there was unfinished business with this character, and we had such a wonderful time collaborating and exploring creatively together that we in tandem decided to do so again in season two.

Who is the nun working for in Hunters? ›

Sister Harriet is introduced as a nun who used to work for MI6 before joining this band of Nazi hunters,...

What happens to Biff in Hunters? ›

Biff begs for his life, revealing that Adolf Hitler is still alive and offering to lead Jonah to him in exchange for his life. As proof, he offers the Colonel's identity as Eva Braun to a skeptical Jonah. When the brothel madam interrupts them, Jonah shoots Biff in the face, instantly killing him.

Who did Ruth think Meyer was? ›

Hunters' season 2 finale confirms that Ruth Heidelbaum knew Meyer Offerman was actually Wilhelm “The Wolf” Zuchs before her death. After hinting to Meyer that she knew the truth about his identity, The Wolf called the hunters' next target Heinz Richter and informed him that Ruth was onto him.

What happened to Jonah's parents in Hunters? ›

When Jonah was born, his mother Naomi died of postpartum hemorrhage, and without any father to speak of, his safta (grandmother) Ruth Heidelbaum, a Holocaust survivor, took him in and raised him in his mother's stead.

Who is the weakest Hunter? ›

He is one of the awakened humans who became able to use mana, but ranked as the World's Weakest Hunter, being the weakest E-Rank Hunter and Jin-Woo soon delved down the path of becoming the World's Strongest Hunter after he was Reawakened and became a Player.

What God is Hunter? ›

Odin, leader of the gods in Norse mythology , was renowned as a hunter. In Celtic mythology , Cernunnos was the god of hunters and master of all animals. He was usually depicted with a long beard and the horns of a deer growing from his head.

Who does Hunter have a crush on? ›

Does Hunter have a Crush on Willow? Yes, every time he sees Willow, or she hugs him, or touches him, he blushes. This is the only person he does this with.

Why did Joe betray the Hunters? ›

Joe made it obvious that after the ambush, Hitler sent no one to retrieve him, which is why he had decided to betray him and assist the Hunters. He could take the Hunters to Hitler if they had some faith in him.

Who was Mooney to Joe? ›

He is the owner of a book store named after him called Mooney's. He was the abusive foster father of the show's protagonist Joe Goldberg.

What did Joe do to Elijah? ›

Series Information

Elijah is pushed off a ledge pre-Pilot by Joe Goldberg. This scene appears in a flashback scene in Candace.

Why did Arya say that's not you? ›

In Season 1, Arya had said to her father, "That's not me," when he described a happy life for her in a castle. By saying "That's not you" to Nymeria, it's her way of saying that she knows a happy reunion isn't in the cards for Nymeria given how much has happened since they last saw each other.

What happens to Lady direwolf? ›

Sansa's direwolf, Lady, was killed in season one thanks to Cersei Lannister's machinations. Robb Stark's direwolf, Grey Wind, was killed at the Red Wedding. Both of those wolf-deaths happened in Martin's novels, too.

Does Bran wake up when Lady is killed? ›

At the end of S1E02, Bran wakes up from his coma immediately after Ned kills Lady, the Dire Wolf.

What is Frank's secret in Hunters in the Snow? ›

When Tub reveals to Frank his deepest secret (that he is overweight because he compulsively overeats and not because of a problem with his “glands”), Frank baits Tub into overeating in order to control and humiliate Tub by exploiting his weaknesses.

What happened to the man in the basement in Hunters? ›

He fails to diffuse it though and as the countdown ends, the utility plant blows sky high. Murray experiences a touching moment involving his son appearing before him, and as he reaches out, the train carriage detonates and Jonah flies through the air. The inferno engulfs Murray, killing him instantly.

Why did the Hunters come to the lake? ›

In search of seasonal resources: Plants and trees bear fruit in different seasons. So, when the season changed, food gatherers had to move to another place to gather different fruits. In search of water: They also had to travel in search of water as mostly the lakes and rivers were seasonal.

Why was Hunters cancelled? ›

Sadly for Hunters, it just didn't have the audience. According to aggregate site FlixPatrol, the show didn't make the dent Prime Video was intending it to on launch, with major target areas like the UK and the USA failing to sustain their interest long enough.

Who was Dr Mann in Hunters? ›

Hunters (TV Series 2020–2023) - William Sadler as Dr. Friedrich Mann - IMDb.

What happened in Spain in Hunters? ›

Then Jonah admits that he killed a child in Spain, by accident, which explains the disbanding of the Hunters in the first place. Clara ends the conversation poetically, stating that she cannot marry a murderer or love a monster.

Who is Jonah's girlfriend in the Hunters? ›

As the show reaches its final moments and Jonah's enjoying his honeymoon with his new wife Clara (Emily Rudd), he seems to be scoping out a new target.

Why did the Hunters let the fire go out? ›

What causes the hunters, who had promised to keep the fire burning, to neglect it and allow it to go out? They hunters have become so distracted by Jack's want to hunt and kill the pigs. Jack needed enough people to circle around a pig, so the boys went with Jack, neglecting the fire.

What did Lonnie do to Will and Jonathan? ›

Due to him being estranged from his family after the events of Season 1, it's unknown whether Lonnie is aware that Will is alive. Lonnie has been alluded to being physically abusive, with hints that he and Jonathan have gotten into physical altercations.

Who replaced Dee Dee McCall on Hunter? ›

Dee Dee McCall got married and was written out of the story. Shortly after, actress Darlanne Fluegel was pegged as Hunter's new sidekick, Sgt. Joanne Molenski. Fluegel had been featured in several movies and starred as Julie Torello in the acclaimed series Crime Story.

Was Hunter based on Dirty Harry? ›

Nostalgia Theater: TV's Hunter -- The Poor Man's Dirty Harry

Though it was set in Los Angeles instead of Harry Callahan's San Francisco, and the producers swore up and down that any similarities were completely coincidental, the Dirty Harry influence ("Well I'm all broken up about that man's rights" etc.)

Why did Stephanie leave Hunter? ›

A. Working with star Fred Dryer, who's also co-executive producer of "Hunter," is not easy. Stepfanie Kramer (Dee Dee McCall) decided she'd had it and left the show. The reason given: She wanted to pursue her singing career.

Does Travis Hunter have a baby? ›

Hunter and his son, RaShaad, currently resides outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Was Travis in season 1 of Hunters? ›

Greg Austin so wickedly morphed into treacherous Travis in Hunters' first season and on the eve of the series' second and final season, he told MovieWeb that he was absolutely “surprised” at what goes down when the show picks up again on January 13.

Is Travis Hunter age? ›

What does the end of Hunters mean? ›

Travis did manage to shoot Jonah, but Joe was there to make sure Jonah didn't die. The German police turned up to arrest Travis and take down the other Nazis in the area. We got to end with Jonah and Clara getting married and everyone seemingly getting to go on to enjoy a good life.

Did Hunter sleep with Dan in fall? ›

Hunter comes clean and admits that she and Dan had an affair that carried on for four months after they got drunk, and Dan made the first move. Hunter says she broke it off because, even though she had fallen in love with Dan, she loved Becky even more.

Is Hunter Hunter based on a true story? ›

Amazon's new series Hunters bills itself as being inspired by true events, but you don't have to watch more than the first few minutes to realize that the Jordan Peele-produced tale of 1970s New York Nazi hunters is only loosely based on the real people who've spent the 75 years since the end of World War II working to ...

What happened to Joe season 1 Hunters? ›

At the end of Hunters Season 1, Joe decided to leave the group. As he went, he was attacked by the Nazis and taken to Argentina. That was when we learned with him that Adolf Hitler was still alive and the woman leading the attempt to bring the Fourth Reich to New York was Eva Braun.

Why did the wolf become Meyer? ›

When the Soviets liberate the death camp on November 4, 1945, The Wolf is set to be hanged. He escapes captivity somehow and returns to the tents where the liberated Jews and being held and kills Meyer, burying his body in the woods. From that moment on he adopts Meyer's identity and moves to the United States.

Is there a part 2 to the hunters? ›

Prime Video recently released a teaser in December 2022 and the official trailer on January 3, 2023, for the second season of Hunters.

Did Joe leave his son? ›

Joe left Los Angeles—where he faked his own death, blamed it on Love (literally and figuratively), gave his son Henry to their neighbors, and fled to Paris in search of Marienne, his one true love (this time for real).

Why did Meyer start the hunt? ›

Meyer Started The Hunt To Cover His Own Tracks

Given Meyer's panic and quickness to murder the other Nazis, Hunters season 2's flashbacks confirm that he only began the hunt so that he could find any other Nazis who could potentially expose his true identity.

Why did they cancel Hunters? ›

During this 1-on-1 interview with Collider, creator/executive producer David Weil talked about the show's second and final season, the huge responsibility of taking on Hitler as a character, what led them to end the series after two seasons, the possibility of spinoffs or future revisiting of this world, which ...

Is Al Pacino going to be in Hunters Season 2? ›

Hunters is back for its second and final chapter, and with it comes the return of Al Pacino's Meyer Offerman.

Is Jonah in season 2 of Hunters? ›

At the start of Hunters Season 2, we found out that the group had split up. Something happened in Spain that caused problems between them. Jonah continued to track down Nazis while living a double life as Sam. When he learned Adolf Hitler was still alive, he headed out to see Millie.


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