A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2 (2023)

WARNING! This article contains minor SPOILERS for Season 2 of Hunters!HuntersSeason 2 brings back the eponymous group of Nazi-hunting characters with an even bigger all-star cast as they chase down their most daring real-life target. Set in 1979, the second season of The Huntsman picks up two years after Jonah discovers that Al Pacino's character, Meyer Offerman, is actually Wilhelm Zuchs, aka A.K.A. Wolf, the Nazi doctor who abused the real Meyer and Ruth in the concentration camps. After being disbanded for a botched hunt two years earlier, Jonah and FBI agent Millie Morris gather hunters in Argentina for one last mission that involves finding the most famous Nazi in history: Adolf Hitler.

The Hunters Season 2, the final season of the Amazon Prime Video show, mainly follows a returning group of Nazi hunters led by Logan Lerman's Jonah Heidelbaum, with Adolf Hitler also becoming a prominent figure after the hunters were revealed to be alive in the Season 1 finale. Surprisingly, the series also brings back a few of themCharacters from the first season of hunterswho died, which is realized through extended flashbacks from 1975 to 1977 in Meyer Offerman Pacino's story. Of course, there were also a lot of new faces in the latest global combat mission. Here's a look at the new and returning cast and characters for Season 2 of Amazon's Hunters.

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Logan Lerman i Jonah Heidelbaum

A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2 (1)

Jonah is the new leader of the Nazi hunters who took over from "Meyer Offerman" after learning that he was actually the Nazi Wilhelm Zuchs, during which time Jonah killed Wolf. For the past two years, Jonah has lived under the pseudonym "Sam" with his fiancee Clara in Paris, where he secretly huntedNazi hunters season 1 downloadwhich slipped through my fingers. Now Jonah learns more about his family when he meets his great-aunt Chava Apfelbaum, with whom they both team up to find Adolf Hitler in Argentina. Logan Lerman is best known for his role as Percy Jackson in the film series of the same name, Charlie in Perks of Being a Wallflower, Normal Ellison in Fury and Roy in Hoot.

Al Pacino Jako Meyer Offerman

A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2 (2)

Al Pacino returns for the second season of The Huntsman as Wilhelm Zuchs, A.K.A. "Wolf", a wealthy businessman and philanthropist who stole the identity of Holocaust victim Meyer Offerman. As Meyer, the character originally formed a Nazi-hunting group to hunt down Nazis who might reveal his true identity.Prime Video Hunters Season 2follows "Meyer" in 1975, as he recruits fighters, until Jonah discovers the truth about him in 1977. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor, Pacino is known for his critically acclaimed roles in hit films such as The Godfather, Scarface, The Heat, Serpico, Dog Afternoon, Scent of a Woman and The Irishman.

Jerrika Hinton looks like Millie Morris

A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2 (3)
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Agent Millie Morris is now on Jonah, Harriet and Chava's side in Hunter Season 2, keeping the FBI in suspense as she heads to Argentina to find Hitler. Millie also escapes a dark moment during her own hunt for the Nazi government and finds more friendship with her fellow hunters in the final season of the Amazon original TV series. Outside of Hunters, Jerrika Hinton is best known for her role as Stephanie Edwards on Grey's Anatomy, Ashley Collins on Here and Now and Natalie Gorman onThe TV series ends in 2023Servant.

Jennifer Jason Leigh Chava Apfelbaum

Chava Apfelbaum is the younger sister of Jonah's grandmother Ruth, and the second season of Hunters reveals that Chava actually survived the camps and secretly became a dedicated Nazi hunter. While young Chava made a brief appearance in Season 1 of The Hunters during Ruth's return to the camps, she was believed to have died during a sadistic game of chess. In Season 2 of The Huntsman, Chava joins her great-grandson in hunting Adolf Hitler, all the while racking up the guilt of never revealing to Ruth that she survived. New Hunter season 2 cast member Jennifer Jason Leigh is outstandingstarring in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Hateful Eight, Single White Woman, Unusual en Weeds.

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Kate Mulvany as Sister Harriet

A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2 (5)

A former MI6 agent, nun and Nazi hunter who secretly worked with Chava even before the team disbanded. Harriet, whose real name is Rebekah Kreutzer, was sent to a Catholic convent as a German Jewish refugee, and now devotes her time to taking revenge on hidden Nazis. Recurring Hunters season 2 cast member Kate Mulvany has also appeared in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby, The Turning and Elvis.

Tiffany Boone u Roxy Jones

A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2 (6)

Roxy Jones returns in the second season of The Hunters on a mission to hunt down Nazis in Argentina. Still searching for Joe and dealing with Lonny's feelings for her, Roxy's mission is to find himA true Nazi hunter, Adolf Hitlershe is complicated by the feeling of guilt that she is not with her daughter. Tiffany Boone also played Jerrika in The Chi, Mandy in The Follow, young Mia in Little Fires Everywhere and Delilah in Nine Perfect Strangers.

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Josh Radnor i Lonny Flash

A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2 (7)

Fighter turned Nazi hunter Lonny Flash returns in Huntsman Season 2 to find Hitler. When he returns, Lonny is in love with Roxy and struggles with a dangerous drug problem that he must solve for the good of the team. Josh Radnor is best known for his role as Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother. exceptHow I Met Your Mother, Josh Radnorhe played Jesse Fisher in Liberal Arts, Sam Wexler in Happythankyoumoreplease and Adam Epstein in Fleishman Is in Trouble.

Carol Kane as Mindy Markowitz

A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2 (8)

A concentration camp survivor during the Holocaust who works with Jonah as a Nazi hunter. While participating in the mission to find Hitler, Mindy also mourns the death of her husband Murray, who died in the first season of The Hunters. Carol Kane's best known roles include Valerie in Princess Bride, Baku Addams in Addams Family Values, Ghost of Christmas Present in Scrooged, Simka Dahblitz-Gravas in Taxi and Lillian Kaushtupper in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

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Louis Ozawa Kao Joe Mizushima

A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2 (9)

After being kidnapped by the Nazis and taken to Hitler's compound in the Hunter Season 1 finale, former Nazi hunter Joe Mizushima is brainwashed and now serves the Colonel in Season 2. Cast member Louis Ozawa also appeared in theMovie Predators from 2010, Killer, Spectral or Pachinku.

Greg Austin i Travis Leich

A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2 (10)
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Greg Austin returns to the cast of the second season of Hunters, reprising his role as the evil, murderous neo-Nazi Travis Leich. In Hunter Season 2, a villain breaks out of prison after amassing an army of neo-Nazis and then flees to Argentina to help Eva Brown with her plans. Austin is also known for his roles in Mr Selfridge and the Doctor Who spin-off Class.

Lena Olin as Colonel/Eva Braun

A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2 (11)

Hunters Season 1 Nazi villain The Colonel also returns as a main character in Season 2.The end of the first season of huntersrevealed that the character is actually Hitler's wife, Eva Braun, who is working with Travis to form the "Fourth Reich" while hiding in Argentina. Academy Award-nominated Swedish actress Lena Olin is best known for her roles in films such as Fanny and Alexander, The Unbearable Lightness of Existence, Enemies, Love Story and Chocolate, as well as the Emmy-nominated TV show Alias.

Hunters, season 2. Supporting actors and characters

A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2 (12)

Emily Rudd as Clara: Jonah's fiancee, with whom he lives in Paris, although she does not know his true identity and occupation. Rudd is best known for the gameCindy Berman s Fear Street Netflix: 1978, Nami met One Piece and Ginny met Moonshot.

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Udo Kier as Adolf Hitler: The most famous Nazi in history and the leader of the Third Reich, who has been hiding in Argentina for 30 years. Jonah and his associates spend the second season of The Huntsman searching for Hitler as they prepare to bring him to justice. Kier is known for his roles in the Iron Sky series, horror films such as Suspiria and Halloween (2007) and Downsizing.

Jeannie Berlin kao Ruth Heidelbaum: Jonah's grandmother who secretly hunted Nazis with Meyer before being killed in 1977. Berlin reprises her role from the first season of Hunters, appearing in flashbacks with Al Pacino's character. Berlin's other notable acting roles include The Heartbreak Kid, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Margaret, Inherent Vice, Succession andFabelmans od Stevena Spielberga.

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Tommy Martinez in George St. to Georges: Chava's Nazi-hunting partner whose father was killed by the Nazis for smuggling Jews out of France with his magic show. Martinez is known for his roles in Good Trouble and Riverdale.

Dylan Baker npr. Biff Simpson: A secret Nazi agent and former US Secretary of State who escaped from Jonah and his associates in Hunter Season 1. Baker is known for his roles in Spider-Man 2, Planes, Trains and Cars and The Good Wife.

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Judd Hirsch kao Simon Wiesenthal: Meyer Offerman's Jewish friend with whom he inquires about Viktor Frondheim. Hirsch's notable roles include roles in Taxi, Dear John, The Fabelmans, Running on Empty and Ordinary People.

Caroline Lagerfelt i Gertrude Zuchs: Sister of Wilhelm Zuchs, who runs the family store. Lagerfelt also appeared in, among othersthe original Gossip Girl series, Sweet Magnolias and Law and Order: Organized Crime.

Thank you Oliver Frankel: The prosecutor in Hunter's season 2 "trial of the century". Hatendi's other acting credits include roles in Casual, Alex Rider, Replicas and Made for Love.

Josh Zuckerman i Benjamin Kramer: a Jewish lawyer in the last important trial. Zuckerman also stars in The Offer, 90210, Desperate Housewives, Kyle XY and Christopher Nolan's 2023 film Oppenheimer.

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Danilo Crovetti as young Zev: A boy who lives in a German couple's house and learns how to make complicated traps. Crovetti also appeared in the horror film Spoonful of Sugar.

Maisie Klompus as Ryfka: A Jewish woman hides in the house of a German couple with Zev, who dyes her hair in a masked manner. Klompus can also be seen in Good Trouble,Abbott Elementary Season 2i supergirl.

Robert Towers as Heinrich Hansom: A German architect hides a Jewish family in his home. ForHuntersSeizoen 2 verscheen Towers u Masters of the Universe, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button i Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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Marcia Rodd kao Helga Hansöm: The wife of a German architect who helps a Jewish family hide in their house. Rodd notably starred in Little Murders, Trapper John, M.D. and 13 Queens Blvd.

Reed Michael Campbell as Hugh: A young Nazi officer who suspects the Hansöms of hiding Jews in their house. Campbell also appeared in the 2020 thriller Shepard.

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A guide to the new cast and returning characters of The Hunters Season 2? ›

Hunters is back for its second and final chapter, and with it comes the return of Al Pacino's Meyer Offerman.

Is Al Pacino going to be in Hunters season 2? ›

Hunters is back for its second and final chapter, and with it comes the return of Al Pacino's Meyer Offerman.

Is Jonah in season 2 of Hunters? ›

At the start of Hunters Season 2, we found out that the group had split up. Something happened in Spain that caused problems between them. Jonah continued to track down Nazis while living a double life as Sam. When he learned Adolf Hitler was still alive, he headed out to see Millie.

Who is IMA in Hunters season 2? ›

Jennifer Jason Leigh (season 2) as Chava "Ima" Apfelbaum, a Jewish Nazi hunter, Ruth's sister and Jonah's great-aunt.

What happened to Joe in Hunters 2? ›

Joe was tortured and brainwashed in Hunters Season 2

After he attacked the group and shot Roxy, we got more details. It turned out that he'd been tortured and brainwashed into joining Hitler's side. Eva had worried that sending Joe to kill his friends would undo the hard work they did, and that's exactly what happened.

Why did Al Pacino leave Hunters? ›

I think we both just felt there was unfinished business with this character, and we had such a wonderful time collaborating and exploring creatively together that we in tandem decided to do so again in season two.

Is Meyer Offerman the wolf? ›

Wilhelm Zuchs, known throughout the series as Meyer Offerman and by the moniker "The Wolf", is the anti-villainous deuteragonist and one of the overarching antagonists (alongside Adolf Hitler) of the Amazon Prime original TV series Hunters, as well as the deuteragonist of the Dark Horse short comic book Hunters: Eye ...

Is Chava really Ruth's sister? ›

Chava Apfelbaum was a Jewish girl sent to a concentration camp. She was the younger sister of Ruth Heidelbaum. She survived the war and would go on to form her own Nazi hunter group.

Does Jonah marry Clara? ›

Jonah awoke in the hospital, relieved to see Clara by his side. They married as planned, and everyone came to their wedding.

Did Ruth know Meyer was the wolf? ›

Hunters' season 2 finale confirms that Ruth Heidelbaum knew Meyer Offerman was actually Wilhelm “The Wolf” Zuchs before her death. After hinting to Meyer that she knew the truth about his identity, The Wolf called the hunters' next target Heinz Richter and informed him that Ruth was onto him.

Who is Chava to Jonah? ›

As viewers who tuned in will remember, Chava has a special connection to Jonah as the sister to his late grandmother Ruth (Jeannie Berlin).

Is Meyer Jonah's grandfather? ›

It took Jonah a little time to comprehend that Meyer was his grandfather, who had abandoned his paternal duties and moved away, leaving his grandma and her child alone.

Who is the crow in Hunters 2? ›

Hunters (TV Series 2020–2023) - Marina Pincus as The Crow - IMDb.

Why did Joe betray the Hunters? ›

Joe made it obvious that after the ambush, Hitler sent no one to retrieve him, which is why he had decided to betray him and assist the Hunters. He could take the Hunters to Hitler if they had some faith in him.

What happened to Meyer Offerman? ›

Meyer Offerman was subjected to torture in the concentration camps, particularly by the hands of The Wolf. Offerman endured both mental and physical torture at the hands of the jealous Wolf for his love of Ruth Heidelbaum. In 1945, the camp was liberated by the Red Army, allowing Ruth and Meyer to finally be together.

Who does Joe meet in season 2? ›

When he meets avid chef Love Quinn, twin sister of Forty, Joe begins falling into his old patterns of obsession and violence. As Joe attempts to forge a new love, he strives to make his relationship with Love succeed at all costs, to avoid the fate of his past romantic endeavors.

Did Al Pacino want to play Sonny? ›

“There was a movement not to have me in the part,” Pacino acknowledged. “I didn't want me in the part.” Coppola threatened to quit if Pacino didn't get the role; Evans finally agreed as long as Caan was cast as Sonny.

Who is the guy at the end of Hunters? ›

The final season of the Amazon Prime original series picks up two years after Hunters season 1's twist ending, which revealed that Al Pacino's Meyer Offerman was actually the Nazi doctor Wilhelm Zuchs.

Who is Al Pacino seeing now? ›

Hollywood legendAl Pacino's romance with Noor Alfallah seems to have hit a rough patch as reports reveal that his quirks are causing problems in their relationship. The 82-year-old actor has been dating the 29-year-old American-Kuwaiti film producer for two years, but their love appears to be fading away.

Why was Hunters cancelled? ›

Sadly for Hunters, it just didn't have the audience. According to aggregate site FlixPatrol, the show didn't make the dent Prime Video was intending it to on launch, with major target areas like the UK and the USA failing to sustain their interest long enough.

Why did the Wolf became Meyer? ›

When the Soviets liberate the death camp on November 4, 1945, The Wolf is set to be hanged. He escapes captivity somehow and returns to the tents where the liberated Jews and being held and kills Meyer, burying his body in the woods. From that moment on he adopts Meyer's identity and moves to the United States.

What happened to Travis in Hunters? ›

Hunters Makes Travis Invisible

The American Neo-Nazi Travis kills Eva when they break the villain out of jail, preferring to be Hitler's apprentice in a male-driven Reich. However, as a shootout occurs when he tries to sneak Hitler away, Travis is shot.

Who is the bad guy in the Hunters? ›

Travis Leich is the central antagonist of the Amazon Prime original TV series Hunters.

What happened to Jonah's mother in the Hunters? ›

When Jonah was born, his mother Naomi died of postpartum hemorrhage, and without any father to speak of, his safta (grandmother) Ruth Heidelbaum, a Holocaust survivor, took him in and raised him in his mother's stead.

Who was Cheva on Hunters? ›

Hunters (TV Series 2020–2023) - Jennifer Jason Leigh as Chava Apfelbaum - IMDb.

Who did Jonah end up with? ›

The Jonah-Amy Relationship (also known as Simmosa to some) is a relationship between Jonah Simms and Amy Sosa. They are shown to be married in the show's series finale.

Do Amy and Jonah have babies? ›

What followed was an emotional flash forward — more on that here! — that revealed that Amy and Jonah eventually got married and had a kid of their own: a son named Carter. As the series drew to a close, Amy tucked Parker and Carter into bed, then shut the lights, revealing glow stars on the bedroom ceiling.

Do Amy and Jonah have kids? ›

Amy returns in the penultimate episode "Perfect Store," where she attempts to save the store, and when she fails, she quits her job with corporate. In the show's ending montage, it is revealed that Amy has married Jonah, got another executive job, and they have a son named Carter.

What is the twist at the end of the Hunters? ›

Sadly Chava had to sacrifice herself to make sure that Jonah got to Hitler before Hitler got inside his Argentinian bunker and killed himself. Jonah captured the man to make sure he was brought to justice. In the Hunters series finale, we got to see him on trial. He ended up sealing his own fate.

Was Al Pacino the wolf? ›

How Al Pacino was in Hunters Season 2. We found out at the end of Season 1 that Meyer Offerman was actually the Wolf. Jonah wasn't the only one to learn the truth. Before him, Ruth had figured it out too, and this was actually why Ruth was killed at the start of the first season.

Is Jonah related to the wolf? ›

After killing Al Pacino's Meyer in Season 1, Jonah realized the old man was a Nazi known as the Wolf instead of his grandfather. Jonah has been on dark solo missions in the wake of the team disbanding.

Why did Jonah betray God? ›

Unwilling to warn Israel's deadly enemies, Jonah decides to run away instead of obeying God. But of course you can't run away from God, as we learn from the dramatic story that follows. God sends a great storm that threatens to destroy the ship; in their terror the sailors pray (each to his own god).

What happens to Millie in the Hunters? ›

Millie is awarded a Congressional Gold Medal and Jonah marries Clara. Although, Millie still feels guilty about killing the Bishop and she confesses to the murder. They decide to ignore Millie's confession though, preferring her to be perceived as a hero, while Jonah still worries that he is a monster.

Where was Jonah before God called him? ›

2 Kings 14:25 indicates that Jonah is from Gath-Hepher - a small border town in ancient Israel (Galilee). Jonah was a well-known prophet during the reign of the Israelite King Jeroboam ben Joash of the northern kingdom of Israel (c.

Why did Meyer shoot Tilda? ›

Throughout the Series

When she awakens, the entire group circle and torture her, asking for information surrounding Oskar but she remains incredulous and refusing to engage. Meyer manages to get through to her eventually and upon realizing she knows who he really is, shoots her square in the head.

Who is Jonah's real grandfather? ›

It's revealed in the middle of the season that Meyer is in fact Jonah's grandfather, but Meyer and Ruth became estranged shortly after liberation and didn't reconnect until one year before her death, when she recognized a Nazi in New York City and brought this to Meyer's attention.

How old is Jonah Heidelbaum? ›

Considering when Auschwitz was liberated, it stands to reason that Ruth gave birth to a daughter in 1946. And since Hunters takes place in 1977 and Jonah is supposed to be 19 years old in season 1, that means, at her oldest, Ruth's daughter was 12 years old when she gave birth to Jonah.

What did the hunter do with the bird? ›

The hunter noticed the pair of Sarus yet decided to kill the male bird. After shooting it, he picked up its body and threw it into his bag. This action was similar to a dirty linen being thrown into a coarse washing bag. The hunter had not regard for the beautiful bird and his family.

Who is Hunter a copy of Owl House? ›

Hunter, like many of the Golden Guards before him, was created with the likeness of Belos' late older brother, Caleb Wittebane.

What did Jonah do in Spain Hunters? ›

Then Jonah admits that he killed a child in Spain, by accident, which explains the disbanding of the Hunters in the first place. Clara ends the conversation poetically, stating that she cannot marry a murderer or love a monster.

Who is ZEV in the Hunters Season 2? ›

Zev, who turns out to be Chava's former significant other, faced very different horrors during World War II than Ruth and Meyer, so it makes sense that Hunters season 2 dedicated an entire episode to his experiences.

Who is the nun working for in Hunters? ›

Sister Harriet is introduced as a nun who used to work for MI6 before joining this band of Nazi hunters,...

Who is Clara in Hunters? ›

Hunters (TV Series 2020–2023) - Emily Rudd as Clara - IMDb.

Who plays the wolf in Hunters? ›

Al Pacino returns in Hunters season 2's cast as Wilhelm Zuchs, A.K.A. “The Wolf,” a wealthy businessman and philanthropist who stole the identity of Holocaust victim Meyer Offerman.

Is the wolf in the Hunters Meyer? ›

When Jonah discovered that Meyer was actually the sadistic Nazi doctor Wilhelm “The Wolf” Zuchs, Logan Lerman's character questioned why he started the hunt in the first place.

Who plays the rabbi in Hunters? ›

Josh Mostel: Rabbi Steckler.

Did Joe hurt Mr Mooney? ›

Not only was the angry old man still alive, but he was also severely physically disabled. Joe confessed to Beck, in what seemed like an emotional moment at the time, that Mr. Mooney had a debilitating stroke that left him paralyzed and mute.

Who killed forty? ›

But before he pulls the trigger, Forty is shot and killed by Officer David Fincher, a Los Angeles cop who was close with Joe's neighbors, Ellie and Delilah, and arrived on the scene.

Does Ellie know Joe killed Delilah? ›

As far as Ellie (Jenna Ortega) knows, the Quinn family is responsible for the death of her sister, Delilah. During the season finale, Joe doesn't give Ellie many details about how Delilah died, what happened to her body, or why she was killed.

Is there ever going to be a Hunters Season 2? ›

Hunters Season 2 is set to arrive on Prime Video on Friday, January 13, 2023.

How many episodes of Hunters with Al Pacino are there? ›

Why did they cancel Hunters? ›

During this 1-on-1 interview with Collider, creator/executive producer David Weil talked about the show's second and final season, the huge responsibility of taking on Hitler as a character, what led them to end the series after two seasons, the possibility of spinoffs or future revisiting of this world, which ...

What did the wolf do to Meyer? ›

Meyer Offerman was subjected to torture in the concentration camps, particularly by the hands of The Wolf. Offerman endured both mental and physical torture at the hands of the jealous Wolf for his love of Ruth Heidelbaum.

Which gender is hunter? ›

Hunter is an English unisex given name.

Where is Hunters filmed? ›

Filming for Hunters in Prague took place in the Czech capital's Old Town, Malá Strana, and Smíchov districts, as well as by the National Theatre's brutalist Nová scéna building.

Is Al Pacino an Italian? ›

He was born April 25, 1940 in Manhattan, New York City, to Italian-American parents, Rose (nee Gerardi) and Sal Pacino. They divorced when he was young.

Who is Biff Simpson based on? ›

Biff's backstory somewhat mirrors SS agent Klaus Barbie, who was known as "the Butcher of Lyon" - similar to Biff's moniker "the Butcher of Arlav" - for personally torturing Jews and French resistance members.

Who did Ruth think Meyer was? ›

Hunters' season 2 finale confirms that Ruth Heidelbaum knew Meyer Offerman was actually Wilhelm “The Wolf” Zuchs before her death. After hinting to Meyer that she knew the truth about his identity, The Wolf called the hunters' next target Heinz Richter and informed him that Ruth was onto him.


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